Cleansing Muslims in India

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Cleansing Muslims from India’s Assam

Once if your any family member is unnaturally slaughtered or shot, your life is changed forever. If your house is burnt or poundered to pieces and you have to start living inside smelly, flying tents in relief camps under the unpredictable summer sky, for unknown period of time, your life is just changed forever. And if you belong to the poor section of society and such things takes place, then you become the poorer or poorest. Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kokrajhar / Bodoland in Assam are going through this phase. (Media says that the violence has been brought under control. The violence later spread to Kokrajhar’s neighbourhood in Dhubri, Baksa, Chirang Nagaon and other districts). But it was not less than the surprising drone attack, from the vicinity. Its not less than the American-Jewish plan. Their crime is that the Muslims have outnumbered the Bodo ethnics in the latter’s homeland. So the latter have begun the cleansing process. The hidden, core reason behind this cleansing of Muslims targeted is that the Muslims there are mostly said to be of recent migrants from Bangladesh. Why are they targeted? Is not migration an age-old social phenomenon! Have no one from our family-members or kins (Muslims / non-Muslims) ever migrated and settled in other places for life and living? Is it not a natural expectation from all societies all over the world from time immemorial? Don’t non-Muslims from India and other parts of the world go to the rich middle-east’s best cities to become richer faster? Are they not using the resources of the lands of the Muslim Arabs from many, many years and still now? Don’t non-Muslims send Muslim money to their family members in India? Have we ever witnessed such cleansing by the Arabs? And they call Muslims terrorists, intolerant and violent community!! How and who will describe them! It is the repetition of Nellie where the tiny place in Assam was burnt to ashes by the tutored miscreants with the help of the police. A handful few who could run out with disturbing stories telling how their daughters were gang-raped in front of their eyes! Our parents have witnessed their tears. Nellie was said to be a Muslim area and of consisting of poor, struggling, helpless migrants from Bangladesh. Nellie was planned to scare, send a warning bell to the upcoming migrants and stop further Muslims from crossing the border. The Indira Gandhi regime is said to have been aware of Nellie beforehand. Today Nellie has been fully lost to oblivion. But now Kokrajhar has become 100 Nellies. This is the second Muslim mass cleansing for the same migration-reason. Hundreds have been killed and more than 2 lakhs have become homeless in Kokrajhar. More than 200 hundred camps have come up there. Imagine what took place there in just less than a week! The daily gazettes inside Assam or India are again and again putting forward the exact numbers of population distribution of Assam’s Kokrajhar. It is good if their intention is just to report the readers about who lives where and what is their strength. But if the hidden motive is to justify that since the ‘others’ of Bodoland / Kokrajhar have exceeded the Bodos and so the killings or riots is justified then should we not ponder that the media is also involved in this massacre plan? Also the media is hedging, saying the ‘others’ as only ‘others’. The ‘others’ here are stated as the Bengali Muslims and the Hindus of Kokrajhar? But the killing that took place is of the Muslim majority. That is why the Muslims in other parts seem to have gone crazy to send aid to their brethren in this solemn month of 2012’s Ramadan. Other communities do not seem as restless as us and as alert about the future as us. The leader of the saffron parties and opposition leader, L. K. Advani says that it is the work of the foreign hands. This is most expected and spontaneous statement whenever there is Hindu-Muslim riots in India. Lets wonder how does he acquire this ‘foreign hands’ news so soon. Do some separate intelligence agents work for him? Are people fools that whatever he screams shall be believed? Was Narendra Modi’s riots in Gujarat foreign-planned too? Advani says that it should not be seen as Hindus vs. Muslims. Addressing a conference in aftermath the riots, Guwahati (Assam’s capital) he says that it should be seen as Indian vs. Foreign. Should we read it as that the Hindus are the Indians and the Foreigners are the Muslims? The rule of the divide and rule policy of the communal saffron parties continues? Does Advani not know the definition of ‘terrorism’ has been largely changing? The Al-Qaeda is a fictive creation of the USA. The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is propaganda complain to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is US. - Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook Inter-Services Intelligence. The twin towers demolition or 9/11 attack was done by the US itself as found out by their own intellectual record-keepers. There has been no technology yet made where from passengers could call their family members from millions of heights above! Fake identity cards of the Muslim hijackers have been found in the debris of the twin towers. There have not been found any such youth of same name, neither their families could be ever traced out. Does Advani not read this? Or does he assume that the Muslims are deaf, dumb, blind, and brainless? Or he has gone crazy for not becoming the Prime Minister yet? ... By Allah’s mercy, lakhs of money and trucks filled with old clothes by other Muslims and non-Muslims too, from all over Assam (and must be from other parts of the country too) are reaching them. But can all these make their lives same again? And for how long will they receive so? It may take them generations to recover. Or may be never! The scars remain. The heart changes forever. Their lives are just changed forever. They have entered into the chain of pains of all forms.

Kokrajhar is an ordinary place in Assam in the far-flung northeast region of India. Kokrajhar is one of the tribal districts in India’s state of Assam. The demand for the separation of Bodoland from Kokrajhar by the Bodo ethnic community has been only from many years. Bodoland runs as an autonomous belt. The Bodos are mostly Hindus. A few Hindus have been affected but Muslims have been affected more. Chiranga, Gosainganj are some of the worst affected vicinities in these riots of Kokrajhar. The people killed and affected here are some of the most ordinary Muslims in the world. The district has become so sensitive that a slight lapse of military vigil leads the miscreants target the places in the district again and again! But there is no more guarantee left for us that even posh areas of Gujarat were not spared. The taut silence maintained by the Muslims in India and all over the world is still a stun. It may be because some powerful political powers tutored the Gujarat Muslim crushing. Assam’s riots however become a chain of revenge in between the two communities. It is expected that patience ended in Assam. This does not mean that Pakistan is behind the lit-up or any Muslim perfume baron added oil to the fire. As if, other Muslims have no ability to think! And have some Indian political parties joined the Americans preparation in attacking Pakistani to contain China! The riots in the state of India’s Assam continue till September. A slight relaxation in the police leads to attacks upon the Muslims again and again. Why the police or the army do does proxy vigilance in such unpredictable situation! 4 lakhs Muslims have become refugees in few weeks’ communal riots. It seems the world is becoming Palestine for all the Muslims. The saffron parties or in more simpler terms the group of Hindu communal parties of India who fight elections on the main basis of religion state that each day 6000 Muslims from nearby Bangladesh infilter to India. If this is the case then from the time of Independence all the population of Bangladesh must have arrived in India? Then how is that Bangladesh is world’s one of the most densely populated countries still? Or does each Bangladeshi Muslim couple give birth to 40 or 60 children in lifetime and send half of the family to India? Exaggerated information may lead us to think absurd and exaggerated too.

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Cleansing Muslims in India
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