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2. WiMAX Vs Wi-Fi






Undeniably, networks have become very important techniques of exchanging information (data) in fast ways. (WIMAX) World Interoperability for Microwave Access is one of the greatest technologies in the communication area. WIMAX has been used widely in telecommunication for long distance communication. From this point, this paper will explore four important sections related to this technique. Firstly, it will discuss the performance conduct of the WIMAX as compared to that of Wi-Fi. Secondly, it will critically evaluate the current solutions for the security problems in WIMAX network. Thirdly, it will attempt to design a new method to improve the security performance of WIMAX network. Fourthly, it will provide a security system that can be applied in real life applications to support the security performance of WIMAX network.


Obviously, using networks techniques has increased especially for the last ten years because of the immense need for data and for communication terms. To begin with, there are different types of network services such as PAN, LAN and WAN. In 2001, a new technology was introduced to our world .i.e the World Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX). WiMAX is the next generation of the wireless technology. It provides high speed mobile to access World Wide Web by using different devices such as notebook PCs and smart phones. As a matter of fact, WiMAX is similar to the fourth generation (4G) of wireless technology. However, it consumes a low cost because it delivers open network and IP mobile to scalable networks data (information). The WiMAX is based on IEEE 802.16 technology and it has developed a third part which is called Fixed WiMAX that is based on the IEEE 802.16d. Unfortunately, the IEEE 802.16d has some real problems resultants of the amendments that have been done to produce the new standard i.e. the IEEE 802.16e that can provide some good features for mobile WiMAX. Figure (1) shows WiMAX network which can be used with different devices .The WiMAX and theWi-Fi can be interoperable to make a large network of communication. [9]

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Figure 1: WiMAX Networks [20]

WiMAX can serve as a connection to the public wireless network. It uses optical fiber, microwave link cable or any other elevated speed connectivity. Furthermore, WiMAX uses point to point antennas which join subscriber stations in long distance. Moreover, WiMAX base stations serve many subscriber stations by using Non line of Sight (NLOS) or LOS Point to Multi point connectivity, which could be used both in wired or wireless LAN. Figure 2 shows the way WiMAX works .It is similar to the cell phone where the user sends and receives data that is called uplink and downlink respectively. WiMAX base station has higher broadcasting power which allows sending and receiving data in long distance. When users want to send data (information) from one or different location, the data will be transferred from one cell to another until the data is received.[2]

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Figure 2- How WiMAX works [22]

Therefore, when the signal transmits from one location to others, it may cause some attenuation and multi path such as reflection and refraction which will in turn affect the quality of the signal. However, by using orthogonal frequency division multiplexed access (OFDMA) with WIMAX technology, this problem can be solved. WiMAX supports OFDM, which is actually the relation between transmission schemes that are based on the concept of dividing a given high bit rate data stream to several parallel lower bit rate modulations in which every stream has separate carriers which are called subcarriers. In this sense, OFDM is like a spectrally efficient version of multicarrier modulation which is used to limit intermarried interference. Figure 3 shows the benefit of OFDMA. [8]

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Figure 3: OFDMA [8]

OFDMA has in fact several advantages:[8]

- The OFDMA uses a mixture of both FDMA and TDMA.
- OFDMA is a flexible multiple access technique.
- OFDMA uses the same power of the sending data rate.
- OFDMA minimizes the interface of neighboring cells by using the dissimilar carrier in the cellular system.
- OFDMA decreases the transmitted power and also it dissolves the peak to an average power ratio.

Figure 4 shows WiMAX radio channel which can be either single or multiple carriers. Also, it displays the bandwidth of Wimax radio channel from 1.25 MHz to 28 MHz.

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Figure 4: WIMAX radio channel [8]

As a matter of fact, there are two types of WiMAX technology 802.16. Firstly, the Fixed WiMAX which is based on the IEEE 802.16 standards and is actually a fixed broadband service in the sense that it can be either DSL or cable modem service. Secondly, the Mobile WiMAX which is based on the IEEE 802.16e standards .Therefore, it is in fact a combination of both the fixed and the mobile applications that can provide a good performance of security for using mobility. Needless to say, no system is perfect, and WiMAX has some vulnerabilities in its security. The fourth section will therefore tackle and discuss related issues. First, it will discuss the performance analysis of WiMAX as compared to Wi-Fi. Second, it will evaluate current solutions for the security problems in WiMAX network. Third, it will attempt to suggest new design solutions to improve the security performance in WiMAX network. Fourth, it will try to provide a system which can maximize the efficiency of WiMAX security performance. [5][3]

2. WiMAX Vs Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a wireless technique used for commutation and exchanging of information between the users. In addition, it allows the user to connect different devices such as phone, computers and any other devices that have wireless connection. This technology can be used at home or university without a need to any wired network connection. Wi-Fi network works by using radio technology 802.11 and 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands. Furthermore, the coverage area of Wi-Fi ranges from 10meter to 2 km. Figure 4 shows the Wi-Fi network which can connect different devices.

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Figure 5: Wi-Fi network [ 20]

There are different generations of Wi-Fi [18][19]

- Wi-Fi 802.11a which has frequency band 5 and transfer data (Bandwidth) 54 Mbps.
- Wi-Fi technology 802.11b which has frequency band 5 GHz and maximum data rate 11.
- Wi-Fi 802.11g which has frequency 2.4-5 GHz and bandwidth 450 Mbps.

Each generation has different frequencies and bandwidths but all of them can work together. The advantages of Wi-Fi can be summarized as the following:

- It uses unlicensed portion of spectrum and does not need many controls for many countries.
- Wi-Fi does not need any physical cables for connection.
- Wi-Fi is very cheap and many products of Wi-Fi are available in the market.
- Wi-Fi is fast in transferring the data in short distances.

As for the disadvantages of Wi-Fi, they are the following:

- The 802.11g and 802.11 standards of the Wi-Fi use 2.4 GHZ spectrum, which can cause problems to other devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones . It could affect and degrade the performance of these devices.
- Sometimes, it wastes power. It can shorten and limit the range of home router using 802.1b or 802.1g while it has a range of 46m indoors and 92 outdoors.
- Wi-Fi is not a good technique for transferring the data in long distances.


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