Efficient Selection

Diagnostic methods of personnel assessment and intuition

Essay, 2012

32 Pages



1. Prevailing methods of selection employed by successful enterprises and international personnel consultancies
1.1 Which methods of executive selection prevail and what are they capable of?
1.2 Is the application of psychometric tests leading to desired results? Can desired results be achieved by application of psychometric tests?
1.3 What are the reasons that certified tests are not comprehensively used?
1.4 Comparison of the validity of different methods
1.5. Further challenges and problems concerning personnel selection
1.6 Are the predictors in use for professional success valid?
1.7 Are tests capable of predicting performance and behaviour of the complex system homo sapiens?

2. Evidence based selection of personnel
2.1 Reducing uncertainty in the decision-making process
2.2 Why do unconscious factors and processes get disregarded?
2.3 What are the origins of the predominance of ratio?
2.4 How are humans reaching decisions?
2.5 Consideration of new scientific findings for efficient personnel selection

3. Demands and potential/alternatives for the realisation of efficient personnel selection
3.1 What methods to increase efficiency are available?
3.2 Proposal: evidence based personnel selection
3.3 Conclusion

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Efficient Selection
Diagnostic methods of personnel assessment and intuition
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„All of our insights start with a feeling.“ To analyse and reflect our decision making process continuously is one of the advices, which Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman devised from his extensive research. The question remains how to achieve reliable predictions about professional success of a certain executive. A feasible, successful method can be found in evidence-based personnel selection, which shall be introduced in detail in the following analysis.
decisionmaking, personnel, intuition, selection, Führungskräfteauswahl, personnel selection, management, manager, leadership, Personalauswahl, Führungskräfte, Entscheidungsfindung
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