The Modern Media Management and Somali Embassies around the Globe

Case Study: Somali Embassy in Ankara, Turkey

Term Paper (Advanced seminar), 2012

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The 20th and 21st centuries can be characterized as an era of increasing Modern Mass Media; however, the expansion has not been encompassing nearly all institutions exist in Somalia, this has drawn academic attention in various ways. The majority of the academic study has focused on the dynamics of state failure, foreign military intervention, and clan structures. The newly emerged institutions, however, has played a significant role in fostering Mass Media management and development of the country and this has drawn significantly less scholarly attention.

“Development of a general theory of human communication that integrates the interpersonal, mass media, organizational, small group, intercultural, and other established communication contexts requires a common theoretical language that can be consistently applied across the contexts” (Foulger, 2003, p. 3)

For Somalia, the usage of mass media particularly websites in governmental institutions have expanded at significant rates over the past several years, institutions related to the foreign policy have provided significant development to management of the modern media and subsequently it’s rising from the ashes of the pre-war media system.

A growing and as yet only partly met demand for websites which can provide the vital communication flow to the foreign policy has resulted in the establishment and revival of several foreign embassies on the establishment of comprehensive websites over the past few years.

These Somali foreign embassies have established their own relations with the society and Somali citizens and represent the core providers of the consular services.

In this paper, I will be trying to examine the management of mass media particularly websites at Somali Foreign Embassies, I will be using Somali Embassy in Ankara, Turkey as a case study.


RQ1. How is the current website of the Somali Embassy practice and handle the communication management of the embassy with their stakeholders?

RQ2. What communication models is the embassy mostly employs in its website to inform its publics?

RQ3. What are the roles (activities) does the embassy website perform?


Websites are the most important communication media which is used to convey and share information with any stakeholder and also easy to use as feedback collector from the receivers, hence the extent that the website can hub this communication route and its performance mostly provide any organization the chance to a development in the communication sector.

The follow of the information from both and to the organization and stakeholders will spawn the way to better developed communication and also up to dated sharing of any concerned aspect which is necessary to be shared and again it reaches the peak to handle any rising issue that needs timely considered collection.

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For the design of this study I have followed the quantitative method of study process, I have decided to take the Somali embassy in Ankara as a sample for my study which quite reachable sample for me and I will study their website as the modern media which is being used


The study conducted a review of the literature of academic journals and publications on public relation practices

In this descriptive study, a quantitative method was used to gather data for this study. To examine the performance of Somali Embassy websites and help answer the study questions, the Face-to-face interview was used to gather data from the audience (Somali Embassy in Ankara).


I have the data of this study by using the Face-to-face interview with both the officials and local staff of the embassy; In the interview I asked the study questions in order to the reach the answer for the study questions.

I have designed two sessions with every member of the embassy staff and officials to collect a wide range and consistent data that would help me reach the decent findings of my paper study; while taking notes I was writing down the opinions that they have towards the performance of the website.


RQ1. How is the current website of the Somali Embassy practice and handle the communication management of the Embassy with their stakeholders?


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The Modern Media Management and Somali Embassies around the Globe
Case Study: Somali Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
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