An Eye on Impacts of Global Information Systems

Essay, 2013

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Impacts of global information systems

Conclusions and Recommendations



The Global Information System helps us to connect globally with each other to share the information, to boost up technology, to update the stock and market values in the world wide, we can have a broader view of what is happening in the world.The rapid growth of the global information system has provided the potential for the governments, commercial business, news and media organization, education organization and other service, and has become a technology that may have significant social and economic impact. A part from those positive impacts, the global information system has a number of negative impacts in different countries such as difficult to build international information system, language problem, cultural difference, the digital divide and legal barriers. The Internet is growing rapidly and has aided instantaneous communication across the globe. Today, shopping can be conducted in online hence a boost to the business community. The growth of global Information systems has also led negative impacts that are mostly social and economic. Especially in Africa, it has led to cultural erosion. Most youth of the 21st century want to imitate the western culture and also it has led to the growth of the IT and economic divide.


James (2003) defined an Information system (IS) as any organized combination of people, hardware, software, communications networks and data resources that collects, transforms and disseminates information in an organization. A broader system, known as global information system (GIS) attempts to deliver the services of an information system at a global level. Information systems haves turned the world into what many people call a global village. The term connotes that with almost the entire world networked. Individuals and organizations alike can now operate independently irrespective of location and their shared information needs. Consider today’s vast network resources:

BITNET, the internet-based academic network started in the 1980s, connects thousands of universities and research institutions around the world. CSNET consists of some 200 host computer providing services to government and private research institutions in U.S, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Sweden and England. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Payments System) is operated by banks and credit institutions. Airline reservation systems service airlines world-wide. EURONET serves Europeans countries and is connected through gateways to U.S and Canadian networks.

TRANSAC (France), ACSNET (Australia), IPSS/PSS (England), NORDIC (Scandinavia), junet (Japan), and VNIIPAS (the former Soviet Union) are connected through gateways to form one huge mega network. Soon the mega network will expand to millions of users in the People’s Republic of China. And finally, the internet, “the mother of all networks” has grown from an American network to a global network with millions of people logging on to it daily.

A computer network whose initial purpose was to promote communication amongst scientific users has become a social phenomenon. Press coverage of the Internet has increased frequent. An estimated 30 million people world-wide regularly access the Internet and use the World Wide Web (WWW) as a source of information. The increase in Internet use has been influenced by the commercialization of the Internet, the level of media coverage, the low cost of access, and easier interfaces. It can be argued that underlying these impacts is the changing social interpretation of the Internet. The Internet is considered to be at the leading-edge technology. There is a growing acceptance most of business in developing and developed countries are occurred and exist via Internet.

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An Eye on Impacts of Global Information Systems
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