How a Basic Research is Conducted and Evaluated. How Policies and Strategies are used to Improve Work Place Moral and Potential of Staff.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Research Methods
- Archival Research
- Content Analysis
- Experimental Research
- Observation Research
- Participant Observation
- Longitudinal study
- Survey

3. Basic Research and Evaluation
Review through Peers
Disseminating Findings/Information

4. How Policies and Strategies are used to Improve Workplace Moral and Potential.
Business Formation of the Business Policy
Examples of Business Strategies
How to Manage Implementation of Policies and Strategies

5. Managing Skills and Knowledge Of People Strategically to Stay Ahead of Competition

6. Advantages, Disadvantages and Considerations

7. Conclusion

1 Introduction

Sociology involves a study of the social tendencies of people at work, as individuals or towards each other and the effects this behavior might have on the organization in terms of performance and success. According to Lambert, Stephen E. (2009) the study is mainly on people as a group rather than individuals. The actions and attitudes result in some behavior and observing these gives a character of the whole environment. Therefore an organization can create a strategy on improving or staying ahead of competition depending on the result of the research.

Sociology of work involves analyzing or examining how the organization is managing through use of technology and how it has influenced the world to be a village. Technology has been changing fast and this has changed a lot in the industry creating a different perspective in terms of labor markets, work organization, managerial practices, and employment relations. This means that there is a change in how things are handled within organizations as relations are shaped by the environment and experiences of individuals.

The behavior of employees or management is definitely shaped by the environment but at the same time the management is responsible for the structuring of its organization.

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2 Research Methods

A research is a process to collect information/data in order to make sound business decisions. There are various methods used to research the behavior of people. An organization makes a choice of methods they want to use that gives results according to the organization’s line of work and structures. The methods used to collect the information may include interviews, surveys, publication research and many others. Some of the methods used are;

- Archival research:

This research makes use of the secondary data in historical archives and records of the organisation like biographies and journals. According to the Australian Academic & Research Libraries (2011) the information is usually of original records created by the organizations and placed under archival control. The researcher would normally use this information to forecast the trends of data in the organization.

- Content Analysis:

This involves recording interviews and analyzing its contents in a set manner of a document or publication form. This is information that is used to give the analysis of a given investigation.

- Experimental Research

The researcher gets different participants to test out a product/people or service. These participants are just there to try the products or the researchers may do it. For example graduated M.B.A accounting students were investigated under the assumption that they “were a good proxy for non professional investors”. According to the Accounting Review, Jan (2007) this research gave positive results that it was valid a method.

- Observation Research

The researcher would record some social behavior tendencies which might include the researcher participating or not participating. Some researchers if participating they would become part of the organization and participate in the activities to be researched on for a set time to gain some understanding and manage to make a record of it either qualitatively or quantitatively. This method is mainly to measure the interactions of customers with the given products/services in their environment. Mainly when this research is being done the customer is not aware of the observation and this gives the observer an upper hand to observe without any restrictions.

- Participant Observation.

This research is unstructured interactive; it involves participating in the daily routines or activities of the organization, what they say, how they say it and what activities they do. The researcher does not impose the activities but makes a choice in which activities they would like to participate in and follows what they do and they choose the frequency they would like to appear in the activity and the questions they would like to ask in the activity to fulfill the research. This method is all about what the participants or people involved say or do about the activities and includes also how the researcher feels about what they have experienced from the activities. Sometimes the researcher only accompanies to observe and collects data through qualitative or quantitative methods.

- Longitudinal study

With this method a targeted individual or group is studied and examined over a set period of time.

- Survey

With this method the researcher uses questionnaires or interviews to gather information from targeted people. The questionnaires or interviews offer open-ended or closed-ended questions on how people think and act. For example a survey on the organization’s products or services with questions like, “which products or brands do the employees or customers find effective or like better”.

Brace, Ian (2008) encourages that a questionnaires should have short and precise questions and that long ones should be carefully considered. The questionnaires come in different designs like the slider scale, write in boxes and the drop down boxes. Some of these can be done on line or on paper with pen and paper.

3 Basic Research and Evaluation

The research method done by the organisation is of their choice depending on what they are looking to achieve. A basic research would include an analysis or investigation to bring understanding of a particular subject.

To evaluate the results of the research the researcher has to create a research proposal. This document would describe the chosen topic ideas, the proposal outlines and the stages of the whole process from beginning to end. The proposal should be very clear as it may be used to request some finances to upgrade the project and give it ability to perform as expected from the research results. This proposal is done before beginning the corrective measure for the current or the new project.

While it might be difficult at work to research on one specific task, industrial sociology is a field that can be researched on, within sociology of work while examining the changes in technology, globalization, managerial practices, employment relations and many others. The research normally aims at looking at how to make relations and use of technology better in organizations. The organisation can be easily molded by the workers through their own contributions or systematic patterns that they create at work.

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How a Basic Research is Conducted and Evaluated. How Policies and Strategies are used to Improve Work Place Moral and Potential of Staff.
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