Wireless Automated Video Surveillance System Using Motion Detection Method

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Abstract—In recent times the leakage of personal information and commercial secrets has increased by leaps and bounds. According to statistics in 2007 average no of victims for leak of personal information were 7, 85,568 and average no of victims for leak of commercial secrets were 2, 94,794. Of course these figures are not at all good for a developing company and nor for a company which is developed. Wireless Surveillance System has the solution to this problem.

Wireless Surveillance System model consists of IR transmitter and receiver, microcontroller board, computer (with internet), webcam, mobile. In this model when IR is interrupted the signal is send to the microcontroller which is connected to the computer, the computer then disables the keyboard, mouse also activates web cam simultaneously and sends live video to the GPRS enabled mobile. It also sends SMS messages in case the administrator is unable to view online images due to lack of internet connection of less speed.

This system is good as compared to other surveillance system because it does not require continuous monitoring the user is alerted by sending SMS followed by live video using video streaming. This system has a good future because it can also be used in banks, schools, government organizations etc.

Index Term — Correlation technique, Motion detection algorithm, RSA encryption algorithm, Sensors.


I n this project, IR transmitter passes rays continuously to receiver, which in turn is connected at the top of the entrance of the door and will be connected to the PC which has webcam and internet connection. If there is no interruption between the transmitter and receiver, the receiver will receive rays continuously, and this will be monitored by the PC continuously. If any obstruction occurs there, the passage of rays will be disconnected, and that will be detected by the hardware connected to the PC. If there is any obstruction, the webcam will start recording the video and simultaneously the SMS will be send to corresponding person and the keyboard, mouse of the PC will be disabled and doors will be shut down and many more application can be controlled.

To view the live events happening at a site we need to connect to the PC with which the webcam is connected and the server part of this application should be running there in. Next we can start the client part loaded in the mobile and we need to specify the PC to be connected by passing its IP address where in the server part should be running. We can also specify the format for the images/snapshots to be taken and the corresponding time will be stored with that picture. We can choose view webcam option to see the live video. So we can connect to any location or the PC through this application which must fulfill the requirements specified above.

In case user has access to another system, he can also remotely log on to the server using authentication and start remote monitoring and control of the entire premises. The system would behave as if monitored and controlled from the server itself. Since a PC can provide with much more functionality than a mobile phone exact replica of server can be created for clients

hence providing complete remote monitoring and control architecture. Hence the user can select the mode of monitoring he needs. User can select between a basic control and monitoring using SMS or a complete control and monitoring (including real time video feed) using a client computer.


In many video surveillance systems that are in use, user will come to know what is happening in his private area where he installed the surveillance system but though he can see the wrong thing is happening in his area, he cannot abort the activities of intruders and he fails to protect his valuable data, documents and other things. So our system provides user the real time images as well as a strong security to his data. To avoid loss of data our system encrypts important files and sends them to the user’s email-Id. In addition to this, system rings burglar alarm to avoid unwanted activities of intruders.

The system acknowledges entrance of intruders using two techniques. First technique is motion detection in which a security camera identifies the motion using motion detection algorithm with the help of correlation formula. The another technique to find the entrance of intruder using infrared sensors in which a photo diode is set on one side of place and a photo transistor is set in front of photo diode. When the entrance of intruder is detected by any of the technique specified above, the system takes necessary actions to protect the data and unwanted activities of intruder. As soon as the intruder is detected the burglar alarm gets activated. The live images captured by camera are sent to the user’s mobile. The important files on our system gets encrypted and sent to the user’s email-id and deleted from system.

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Wireless Automated Video Surveillance System Using Motion Detection Method
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Title: Wireless Automated Video Surveillance System Using Motion Detection Method

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