Analytical Exposition in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

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According to general rule, nurses could serve as teachers, councilors advocate, entrepreneurs, clinical practitioners and others these has great effects on the management of nurses as teachers.

As a Nurse and a teacher at the same time, I have the privilege interact with different kinds of people. I am teaching English in a Korean school and it helps to be a nurse because I am able to help them not only with their study but also the stress that come along with it. Good mental health is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals, their families, and the whole population. Conversely, mental health problems and mental illness are among the greatest causes of disability, diminished quality of life, and reduced productivity. People affected by mental health problems often have high levels of morbidity and mortality, experiencing poorer general health and higher rates of death from a range of causes, including suicide. These conditions are significant in terms of prevalence and disease burden, and have far-reaching impacts for families, care givers and others in the community.

It helps to keep an open mind regarding what you are expected to do. In teaching foreigners a foreign language in a foreign land it is difficult for the teacher and the student to adjust, this is the reason why the first few weeks are crucial in establishing the role in the school and the relationship with other teachers and the students. I may have to negotiate my timetable, I may be asked to find my own teaching materials and I may find myself coping with large classes for the first time. Despite initial hiccups which require diplomacy and tact, it will help if I am able to adjust and cope with the situation. And as a nurse I am able to cope easily compared to other teachers in the school. For me this is one reason why I took the tracking of Psychiatric Nursing among others.


As a Nurse – Educator it is very important to plan because it leads to success in the achievement of goals and objectives. In the school, I have to plan what lessons should be given to the students that is not stressful for them but maximizes their learning ability. There are short term goals and long term goals where I can base most of my lesson plans so there is continuity in learning. There are also plans that help my professional goals be achieved. We are just humans, there are time when our body needs to take a rest and when that time comes the management can get another teacher to substitute and continue the lesson for the student. In the Korean school, it is very common that students hate to change teachers because their lesson either goes back from the beginning or starts a different one, there is no continuation. But when there is a plan, this will never happen because you can effectively use personnel and facilities effectively. As a manager this will also help in projecting how many teachers are needed for the day and will there be available teachers in case there will be unplanned absences.

As we know planning is like fortune telling, this is the prediction of problems and crises that may arise anytime; with planning I will have an alternative solution. I will be able to be calm and compose because there is a well thought process that will prevent and will be able to cope with potential problems. I also think that planning helps nurses to reduce the element of stress. Knowing what plans are successful and what are not will give me a better idea of what I should do in the future. It also helps nurses to discover if there is a need to change plans. As a manager I will be able to point out opportunities for new or different services. Generally, planning is very important to design effective ways to ensure the accomplishments of goals and objectives. It will also help collaborate and coordinate between and among the team members and I also see it as an effective use of resources.

For the past three years of teaching in the Korean school, there are teachers most of them are nurses that resist planning, this maybe because they lack the knowledge of the philosophy, goals and operation of the organization. It is an organization which deals with people from a different country and obviously a different culture. Planning is being perceived sometimes as a bad thing especially in an organization like ours. Teachers think that they are spending much time in planning and lack time in implementing it but most of them do not realize that planning will guide them to reach their goal in a given time frame.

I can overcome resistance to planning by other teachers if I can forecast or estimate the future. Forecasting is looking in the future I will weigh the unknown values in a situation and use them as a basis for an educated guess about the future. Of course with forecasting, I need to consider the institution, the community affected and the goals I have made that I want to achieve at a certain time table. I should always remember that forecasting should be supported with facts, reasonable estimates and accurate reflection of policies and plans.

My plans should always be based and focused on the vision, mission, philosophy and clearly defined objectives of the organization. It is a continuous process. It must be changeable or flexible for it to be more effective. Using available resources is also one characteristic of planning. It is persuasive within the whole organization to provide cooperation and harmony. Planning should be exact. It must be realistic and focused on the expected outcomes. Planning must have a timetable. Documentation is very important especially when it comes to planning for proper implementation and evaluation to the extent of its achievement.


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