E-Commerce Business Case for Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2013

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Executive Summary

The existence of human beings is intrinsically dependent on good monitory machineries. Thus, if the business machineries are not efficient enough to maintain ones needs, then the existence of the entire human race is under threat. Nevertheless, irrespective of the many hardships faced by various small business enterprises, electronic commerce come in handy to render mobile commerce services more effective in today’s modern society (Reynolds, 2004). It is against this backdrop that this paper relays a detailed business case for Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd as well as layout the logical design of the business website and its initial prototype in a bid to taking full advantage of this e-commerce era. Companies that do not realize the usefulness of e-commerce will soon be bumped out of the market.

In laying a general stage for the entire business case, the paper begins by providing a detailed description of the business by listing out the company name and its activities. The paper then relays the company’s vision and mission statement as well as the company goals and objectives. This is followed by the business model which relays the value proposition and the revenue model. The paper then provides a market analysis, a competitor’s analysis and carefully lays down the strategy of implementing the whole business concept. The final part of the paper covers a description of the website including its navigational and transactional aspects. The paper will then give a relevant conclusion and list the sources used and also provide an appendix.


In these current times of the dotcom mania, a business man can throw a lot of funds into a particular sector and be guaranteed disappointing returns. However, no business is always a sure deal and business men are today making focus on the long term gain rather than the ‘quick buck.’ Notwithstanding the current mega economic upshots not only in UK but also in the world’s largest economies; a business contemplating using e-commerce must prepare itself for the e-commerce transactions, steer the business to immense success and most importantly, analyze the risks involved in a bid to minimize them and cultivate some worthy profits for the company in the dynamic market (Daniel, 2011). It is alongside this vein that this paper delves into preparing a detailed business case for Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd as well as layout a logical design and initial prototype of the business website, in a bid to ensure that worthy profits are cultivated after its launch.

Business Description

Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd is a company that specializes in offering foods and beverages to its customers in a very warm and company spirit. It was launched in the UK market in the year 1999 in UK. Africana Foods and Drinks has made health and nutrition a priority by taking an active part in the promotion of healthy life styles and balanced diets. Its major products are majorly made of African recipes such as Ugali (African cornmeal mush), Mukimo (Kenyan mashed beans, corn, potatoes and greens), chapatti (Indian whole-wheat flatbread), biryani rice, Matooke (The Ugandan mashed bananas) and pilau for the foods and the Ugandan herbal tea, the Kenyan green tea, the black Ethiopian coffee and the nutritious Kenyan coffee for the beverages.

The products are specifically designed and prepared to quench the thirst for an African touch in the UK market. Hence, the products are prepared and served in an African way and this would really attract people who yearn to have a taste of Africa as well as Africans in the UK and give them a feeling of being home away from home.

Vision and Mission Statement for Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd

Great tastes do not happen by chance or by accidents. They are made. Africana’s ingenuity in handling taste complexities is impeccably good and cannot go unnoticed. Being the best of the best coffee products and African food sellers in the UK is the greatest mission of Africana Foods and Beverages Ltd. The customers will is their command and this mission upholds uncompromising values as Africana grows and becomes renown and revered globally. Africana offers the best quality coffee that is brewed and served by Africana's diligent and efficient employees. Their foods are ‘Always Africana’ and when it comes to taste, African is surely no waste. Africana’s slogan is ‘Africana, truly healthy, truly nutritious and truly African’ which embodies its mission statement.

Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd has a crystal clear clarity on exactly what it does which is ‘selling high quality products of foods and beverages.’ There is no food or beverage that leaves the Africana kitchen that the staff themselves would not eat since the company is committed to making use of the finest ingredients in their recipes Africana’s mission statement is divided into 3 major components that are ingrained in its motto and vision. These are;

- To maintain and achieve great distinction in the food and beverage industry in UK in relation to its products, services and atmosphere so that the company can gain a 1st class recognition for its informed and gracious hospitality, beauty and comfort which draws repeat and new customers day after day.
- To achieve the stated mission above whilst sustaining staff practices and policies that promote positive and fair working environment.
- To act and beware of the company responsibilities for providing clean, attractive and safe places for guests to have fun and for the employees to work safely in.

Goals and Objectives for Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd

Africana’s major goal and is to “Establish Africana as the premier seller of the finest foods and beverages in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow” Its vision statement is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit and flesh in an African way.”The major objectives of the company are;

- Creation of effective business affiliations through e-commerce.
- Automation of workflow; This paper aims at automating workflow for the Africana Foods and Beverages Ltd by developing a model for leveraging B2C business value by designing a website.
- Development of effective customer services; The paper will also relay effective ways of creating and maintaining customer trust.
- Reduction in time consumption; the developed model of leveraging B2C business value through e-commerce will focus on reducing time consumption while conducting business in the company.
- Reduction of time and venue restrictions; E-commerce as acidulated in this research will also aim at reducing time and venue restrictions since electronic devices can be used anywhere anytime.


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E-Commerce Business Case for Africana Foods and Drinks Ltd
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