Google Marketing Analysis

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2011

13 Pages, Grade: A


Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Analysis of the Industry
1.2.0 The Google Industry Stakeholders
1.3 Application of the Porter’s Five Forces in the Google System
1.4 Organization; SWOT Analysis
1.5 Google Customers (key segments)
1.6 Google Competitors
1.6.0 Google Competitors/The Internet Search Market Share
1.7 Recommendations
1.8 Conclusion
1.9 References

Google Marketing Analysis

1.0 Executive Summary

New and creative modes of thinking are outlined by the structure of the systems of business and marketing performed by Google. Google basic product is their engine used for searching and the generation of results that are relevant is of utmost attraction. The most fundamental thing is that Google involves their users in the search lists. Thus, the results are not only the works of Google but also those of their users. The acting and thinking system of Google Company provides a lot of distributed materials to the users offering ideas on businesses and even entrepreneurship. Majority of people prefer using Google instead of developing their own search sites. Google offers a range of options from offering maps, videos from you tube, and even ways of increasing budgets all offered freely. This way, Google is able to help much business whether small or big.

1.1 Introduction

There are great lamentations worldwide that Google has become a monopoly and many institutions and companies have come up with goals that are common relating to the regulation of this giant in the internet. Google being the leading company in the internet world that receives millions of visitors every few minutes, it has to put in place certain workable marketing strategies. According to this report the marketing strategies that I will explain are the ones being applied by Google in their efforts to keep their visitors coming back and also getting new visitors. In the recent years Google and other internet companies have made a few strategic choices which have included the adoption of different marketing strategy and also advertising of its products.

Through this report we also realize that the rise of Google is linked to adoption of certain perspectives over the other balanced scorecard perspectives due to the fact that it is through these perspectives that his company has been able to be adopted and grown in all the departments that is in the customer care department, internal operations department, human resource department and finance department. These measures are all about putting the people in the front or giving them priority. In doing these Google was able to make great strides in improving its profits through increase in revenue. They were also able to improve the quality and output of their products due to the improved, motivation of the workers and employees. (Gumbus, 2003)

1.2 Analysis of the Industry

In defining the google industry, Google’s way of organization of data prioritizes the needs of most users and thus, its products are a result of the thoughts of many people. Thus, as users continue to view the Google results, its wisdom is eminent thus attracting more users and developing repeated users. Google’s greatest achievement is the invention of advertising mechanisms that are free.

The google stakeholders include the company shareholders, the employees, the customers the trade associations, the suppliers as well as the community. More so, Google decisions are mostly influenced by activists, the media and the government with all of them having different priorities and agendas for the entire community that they serve. Every stakeholder holds a relationship with the Google company and this relationship is the one that affects decisions made by the google industry. Below is a chart portraying the Google industry stakeholders.

1.2.0 The Google Industry Stakeholders

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1.3 Application of the Porter’s Five Forces in the Google System

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Google Marketing Analysis
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