Andrew Magdy Kamal - The Autistic Savant

Classic, 2013

29 Pages



Chapter 1 Personal Life

Chapter 2 Some Realizations

Chapter 3 Multi-Talents & Some Health Issues

Chapter 4 Some Ideas

Chapter 5 Controversies

1 Personal Life

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Pictures of Andrew (2011 to 2013)

Andrew Magdy Kamal

Andrew Magdy Kamal, was born on 8/6/1996 with Savant Syndrome, Aspergers, ODD, and ADHD, and Manic Depression. Though Andrew faces many challenges, he is an inspiring person throughout day to day. He got his Professorial Degree at age 12 on July 11, 2008 from Harris Manchester University, with honors. In 2012 RecordSetter claimed him the record holder as the youngest professor. In 2012 Andrew has an IQ average of 231.734 which broke him the world record for highest IQ on record holders republic. He beat Evangelos’s average IQ of 205 by about 27. Andrew’s Cattel Score: IQ222(SD15) = IQ230(SD16) = IQ295(SD24) Basically his IQ is σ8.13 on the normal distribu- tion, so 8.13*24+100 = 295.12. (In the catell scale). IQ Societies that the world’s youngest professorial certified theoretical physicist joined so far: He is a member of the following: The Eso- teriq Society, IQ Range 200+ Society, SETI, Aspergers FB Group, AndSocialREW, The Ultranet Society LN Group, The Gifted LN Group, Math Wraith FB Group,The Ingenium IQ Society, The Mensa Autistic Genius Kamal Society, IQLeague Facilitation, IQ Games FB Group, High IQ Society LN Group,The String Theory Development FB Group, High IQ Artist FB Group, International Gifted Education LN Group, IQID FB Group, The Collective Genius Community LN Group, The Sophia High IQ Society FB Group, Advanced Intellect Science & More Group,The International High IQ Society, The Triple Nine High IQ Society, Save Gifted and Talented Individuals FB Group, Crumbs of the Mind (Contributors) FB Group, Earth- FB Group, Genius FB Group, The Ancient Cryptography Society, The ADP Research Institute Group,The Glia IQ Society, The High IQ World Linkedin Group, Pharma IQ Society LN Group, The GIGA Society FB Group, IQuestion High IQ Society, International IQ Society (IIQS), The Theoretical Physicist Professionals Group, The Savant Syndrome Sup- port FB Group, The Theoretical Physics Link- edIn Group, Aptitude-Puzzle IQ FB Group, and the World [] Intelligence Network. Also Andrew Magdy Kamal joined Galaxy Zoo and SETI as well as worked with Thomas Zolotor on the discovery of FHB Gal- axies, and the physics theories expanded. Also he created a social network athttp://andso- [ %20/]which he is the CEO of, plus created a lot more websites including the Coptic Broadcasting Network. In 2005, according to Chess federation rules, Andrew received qualification for title of grandmaster at chess. He’s also a sponsored ath- lete. On November 17th, 2010, his best friend Stevenson Heleq Willson, a marathon runner died, because Stevenson’s appendix burst. Many friends that Andrew had passed a way, but this one was the most depressing to him. Since that day, Andrew decided to run marathons. He ran many marathons, like the Macomb Festival of Races, the Oak Apple Run 10k, (the oak apple run he ran, took him (1hr 9min 22sec), the Rochester Hills Run took him 32minutes, and he ran the Clawson Fire Cracker Mile, as well as 100’s of other races. Andrew is also the youngest to get a 10th Dan black belt in 2012 which was sponsored and certified by the World Council of Black-belts. Andrew also cosponsored the 2012 Olympics. His average speed is about 6min 34sec per mile, which is quite impressive. He also is a bike racer, who went to the Blue Waters 30th Annual Bike Race. He also ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon, and is a professional ping pong player as well as a Racquetball Player. Not just that, but he’s a comedian too, some people even called him the 2011 King Of Comedy. Andrew Magdy Kamal would also like to acknowledge his caring friend and much more, Jenna Briney, without her he wouldn’t have had the support he needed to do outstanding achievements. How- ever after 3 years of knowing each other, and akward social experiences Andrew realized they were just great old friends on May 2013. Also Andrew realized that he wants to dedicate his life to the lord and on May 2013, he said he may pos- sibly become a monk, on the other hand God may have a different plan. In 2010 Andrew became a crevolution robotics member for one yeat. He also created a patent, for the World’s First Micro-controller Powered Energy-Saving Generator, and was a google science fair partici- pant at 2011. He also enter the Google Science Fair in 2012 and 2013. Andrew loved science fairs, he entered the 3M Discovery Challenge twice, and the Detroit Engineering SF 3 years in a row all the way to 2012 which is the year where he got a first place award certificate from the US Military for his idea on the Microcontroller Gen- erator. On 5/14/2012, Andrew received his doc- torate in Astronomy from Branston University. Andrew Magdy Kamal worked with many scien- tist including: Dr.Talal Khalaf, Dr.Andrew Beck- with, Slobodan Olujic, Dr.Rafael Jarvik, Dr.Thomas Scott Zolotor, Dr.Mark Aaron Simpson, and (Nasir Germian as his pupil and personal colleague). Andrew made theories on the cures for Cancer, Brain Tumors, HIV, and Parkinson’s as well as made theories on the ori- gins of the universe as validated only through the theory of creationism. Andrew Magdy Kamal considers himself a Staunch Conservative Republican, saying “I never voted for a liberal person, never will”.

2 Some Realizations

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In April of 2012, Andrew came up with the idea that Energy is equal to the Force of the Velocity of Mass Accelerating. Also the c in Einstein’s equation applied to speed of light in a vacuum, the vacuum being an isolated universe when the universe isn’t completely isolated. Another reason that Andrew believes that Einstein’stheory of relativity is wrong and because he applied the idea of a fully isolated universe in accordance with the speed of light, is because Einstein didn’t include the variable of force, also Einstein’s theory is based on the idea that space is curved, when it obviously isn’t.


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