Analysis of Etisalat

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Analysis of Etisalat

Etisalat refers to a multinational organization found in the Middle East and operates in a total of 17 countries global wide. The company is well known for its consumer products such as electronics which include mobile television, data services and broadband internet technology. Among the most renowned product of this company is the 3G and 2G robust which have provided the fastest means of internet connections. Alongside its electronic production, Etisalat also engages itself in other activities such as the social activities which contribute greatly to the image building of the company. One of the social activities of this company is improving the livelihoods of the people in the society taking into consideration the cultural diversities in these societies.

Equipping the employees with the necessary skills and knowledge required in their various fields of specialization is one of the key objectives of this company. This is achieved through the provision of training programs such as the internship and the summer training. The training opportunities also help in developing competencies among the organization’s employees hence, acquiring the necessary skills to handle various challenges. Through the provision of these training opportunities, the organization will be able to achieve its goal of improving the lives of communities through training the younger generation (Sims, 78).

These training programs also aim at developing and providing wider learning opportunities to both the staff and the other selected participants. This is achieved through the provision of training programs which goes to helping in the development of both the technical and the hand experience of performing various tasks. Training programs helps the staff members identify their abilities and capacity to do varied activities. Through community involvement in the initiation of the various training programs, it will lead to community ownership of the program and also sustainability (Sloman, 124).

One of the key participants in the running of training programs in this organization is the human resource personnel. These individuals perform systematic planned activities which aim at providing the participants with the opportunities to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the job demands. These practitioners ensures that active participation of the employee during the training, rewarding participants for improved performance, providing the newly employed individuals with the necessary orientation to knowledge and skill development and creating flexibilities in terms of time and places of training (Wetland, Bay and Klockars, 273).

In addition to human resource management team, the senior management team in this organization plays a key role in organizing for the training programs. It is responsible for determining the financial requirements of the training, deciding on the strategic locations for conducting the training and also performing the overall supervision of the whole process (Sims, 85).

One of the training programs offered in this company is the training for Chartered and Assistant accountants. These programs are important since they play a role in equipping the accounting and financial professionals achieve and acquire a higher standard of professionalism to satisfy the market demands. This training equips these professionals with further knowledge on areas such as data analysis, financial and cost accounting among others (National academy, 77).

Additionally, the company participates in the development and promotion of talents through the introduction of the summer training program which aims at providing varied learning opportunities to its employees. This program enable the youthful Emiratis develop their competencies in administrative and technical skills alongside providing them with manual (hand) training opportunities. By doing so, the company will be improving the lives of the communities through the direct services provided by the trained Emiratis (Sloman, 255).


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Analysis of Etisalat
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