Opportunity Analysis: Road Star Motors Business Plan

Term Paper, 2012

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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Market assessment

4. Performance to date

5. Recommended Strategy
5.1. Overall business strategy and direction
5.2 Marketing strategy
5.3 Manufacturing strategy
5.4 Financial strategy

6. References and sources of information

7. Appendices

1. Executive Summary

Road Star Motors is an established motor industry company based in the US. In its takeover, various transactions need to be handled very clearly. A market assessment needs to be carried out to forecast how well the company will perform in the near future. The company has been performing impressively for the last two decades and hence the call for various strategies to improve its performance and profitability. Such strategies include a clearly defined marketing strategy, manufacturing strategy and financial strategy to ensure its performance is upbeat. A takeover must be handled with a lot of caution and all these strategies are meant to help in the new successful and technology driven management.

2. Introduction

Road Star Motors is a company that was established back in the year 1975. Since its establishment, this company has specialized in the production of high range motor vehicles that meet the increasing demands of its clients. The company has sold over 20 million units since its establishment and endeavors to do even better. The first objective of taking over this company is to revamp is its management and make it more profitable. Second is to expand the business empire and have more fixed assets hence a bigger market share. Third is to improve its management by the introduction of technology-savvy management on board, among many others.

3. Market assessment

Road Star Motors’ business environment is very conducive and competitive. The motor industry is experiencing a huge wake-up call because of the recalling of millions of units by some motor manufacturing market leaders. The macro forces of this company are beyond its control. These include the political, economic, social/cultural and the technological forces. The industry is largely controlled by the suppliers and the buyers. They influence mainly the dynamics of the motor market. Potter’s five forces analysis model specifically for identifying balances of power within a market are very helpful here. They include the suppliers, the buyers, the potential entrants, the substitutes and the competitive rivalry. The company’s strength lies in quality of its motor units. The company commands the lead for its production of high range and luxurious motor vehicles. One weakness that needs to be worked on is the shying away from technology and being fixated with the traditional way of doing business. The company has a ripe market in the US and Europe at large. This is its biggest opportunity. Competition is its biggest threat. More powerful companies pose a big threat that Road Star Motors must style up to fight (Allotey 2008: 3).

The company looks forward into introducing brand new models of vehicles that are user friendly before 2012. The management of the company will receive an overhaul so as to have in place a team of professionals who are going to embrace technology and eventually embrace team-work towards its growth. Some of the options the company has include getting a less competitive market like in Africa, or intensifying its campaigns in the US and Europe at large.


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