Environmental Friendly Marketing

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The issue of environmental degradation has been a major concern in the world. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been keen on the raising public concern and awareness of environmental problems and also suggesting ways of protecting it. Many countries have also been campaigning for environmental protection. Media reporting on environmental issues has also increased greatly. Being green in marketing is a concept which advocates for marketing strategies that will help in the prevention of environmental pollution through the production, promotion, distribution and consumption of products that do not cause harm to the environment. Consumer, marketers and producers are advised to look for strategies that will help prevent environmental pollution in their daily activities. Green marketing emerged as a result of rising concern over environmental degradation, which increased worldwide interest in alternative production and marketing systems that help in the reduction of environmental pollution.

Going green is the term used to describe the activities that are good for the environment. There are different ways in which activities can be friendly to the environment, ranging from production, distribution, marketing and finally consumption. A product can go through a life cycle that is either environmental friendly or not. It is the responsibility of the producer, the distributor and the consumer to ensure that the environment is well protected from harmful products. Production in an environmental friendly manner implies that the producing company lays down strategies that will minimize or avoid pollution of the environment. Ways through which companies can be involved in to improve environmental impact includes; waste elimination in production methods through reducing the packaging amount and providing recycling opportunities of components not used, implementation of lean production systems, adaption of new technologies that reduce environmental impact and participation in carbon free schemes.

Distribution methods also have a lot of influence on environmental degradation. The distributor has a range of options on promotion of green environment. Reduction in packaging is one of the strategies that a distributor can use to protect the environment. This can be achieved through the use of technological innovations that make products smaller. Consequently, packaging can be done in such a way that different products are put in one package to reduce the number of papers used for packaging, which becomes a waste after the real products are consumed. Finally, distributors can seek better distribution channels, usually shorter, that reduce the amount of damage to the environment hence going green.

Consequently, marketing can also influence the environment in one way or the other. Green marketing describes a company’s efforts in designing, pricing and promoting products that will not have a negative impact to the environment. A company choosing to pursue green marketing agenda can use the following considerations as it tries to implement the green environment concept, which are; coming up with advertisement and promotional messages that reflect the company’s commitment to environmental protection, using a pricing strategy that favour green products thereby making consumers to pay more for environmental safety and reducing pollutants such as diesel vehicles in the transportation of products to the markets.


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Environmental Friendly Marketing
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