Sexual Offender - Situation in Hong Kong

Essay, 2013

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Sexual Offender - Situation in Hong Kong

No matter how the country is developed and modern, criminals can be found. Among common criminals in Hong Kong, crimes due to sexual offenders are serious in a certain extent. According to HK police data in 2001, every year, there are about a hundred of rapes and nearly a thousand of indecent assaults reported to police in Hong Kong. Therefore, sexual offenders are one of the commonly seen criminals in Hong Kong and we have to deal with the problem by looking into its cause, effects and ways for prevention. Prevention is a very important is dealing with crimes especially sexual crimes since victims’ sufferings last very long or even the entire life.

Labelling theory is adopted to analyse sexual offenders in term of the behaviours of the criminals. Since labelling theory directly related to how the criminals think and thus the action of them. Labelling can then be powerful too since it defined how and what a criminal will do and finally turned to an underlying encouragement to him. A simple example like if you are labelled to be foolish at the early stage, you are being defined and isolated from the clever people, and you tend more to do foolish actions. Same logic as criminals, they will commit crimes if they are labelled to be bad and evil.

For sexual offenders, their motivation may be simply sexual. They may not be those who are lacking sex or low-income groups. They can be a married professional person and big names in the society. The problem of them are from their mind and behaviors and not necessary to have direct relations with their backgrounds.

In fact, the result of the Hong Kong Crime Victimization Surveys conducted in January 1999 indicated that up to 90 percent of sex crimes were not reported to police. This shows that really there are more victims than we notice. The number can be far bigger than we can imagine. The effects can be tremendous for sexual victims, not only their mind and physically hurt, their friends, family members or even extended social circle will be hurt because of the incident. Therefore, the problem is not just arising when the crime happened but can be lasted for very long. Many follow-ups need to be done for the victims to recover for a long period. Moreover, the impacts cannot be eliminated in a short period psychologically. There are fears in their life while meeting new people and trusting friends. Therefore we should face the problem of sexual offenders and take notice onto the prevention methods.


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Sexual Offender - Situation in Hong Kong
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