The Visualisation of Dystopian Elements in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"

Essay, 2012

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Abstract or Introduction

The futuristic film “Metropolis” was Fritz Lang's reaction to his trip to New York in 1924. Both being shocked and brimming over with enthusiasm for the city's skyscrapers, cars as well as the rapid development of machines, inventions and thus the whole human life, he was able to realize the dangers that lie therein. It is the aim of this essay to examine how exactly Lang tried to present his fears and speculations to the spectators in order to initiate them in the set of problems depicted in the film. The first thing we see is that in the mega- city Metropolis are living two different classes of society, and the lives of the people could not be more discrete: First of all, the workers in the underground and their depressing living quarters are shown. Everyone is dressed in grey, dark colours prevail and create a melancholy, sad atmosphere. The
uncomfortable environment is dull and suffocating. The men move in a way that resembles a convict's last march to the scaffold, with the music always emphasizing the mood of a scene. They all look to the ground and seem to be tired and hopeless, almost resembling a mass of prisoners. No individuals can be figured out because there is an absolute uniformity and anonymity. Like slaves, they are treated as inferior people having to obey their ruthless masters
who force them to live and work under miserable conditions.
In contrast to this claustrophobic subterranean world, the great city is shown with its numerous skyscrapers and impressive architecture. The carefree ruling class enjoys their live to the full and the sun shines brightly. We see young men doing sports in the open, embodying the direct opposite of the workers previously shown.


The Visualisation of Dystopian Elements in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"
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Title: The Visualisation of Dystopian Elements in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"

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