Consultancy Proposal Vodafone Europe

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2009
10 Pages, Grade: 1,7


Table of content:

1. Executive summary

2. Requirements

3. Proposed Solution

4. Benefits

5. Resource Implications

6. Experience and Expertise in the team

7. Bibliography

1. Executive summary

This proposal for Vodafone Europe offers a solution to face the risks for the business caused by the financial crisis as well as by matured markets. To meet the needs of today’s customers we provide an experiential marketing campaign.

The core of the campaign is a promotional tour through different countries in Europe. Customers are engaged in the campaign by voting for the locations, at which promotion events can take place, and at the events themselves by getting entertained and educated, by getting an escape from the daily routine and by getting involved in various activities. Beside those “realms-mixture”, the concept includes different marketing strategies of sensory marketing. The experiential character that differentiates this promotion event from others is created by keeping the content and the procedure of the event secret from customers until they visit the event.

The finance needed for a successful implementation is enormous, but we also provide possibilities to reduce costs whereever possible. The need for labour is relatively moderate and can mostly be covered by existing Vodafone staff. The time horizon is estimated on a total of five months including a marketing activity before the promotion tour starts. Need for materials is relatively low, as the company already disposes most of it.

The costs resulting from the implementation of the marketing campaign are outweighted by various benefits like an increase in revenues, new contracts and strengthened partnerships.

The team for the implementation consists of three persons: a media designer, an administrative executive and an event manager. All three of them are experienced and have enormous expertise in their field.

We can assure you that this marketing campaign will be a huge success for Vodafone Europe and will help to overcome problems of the financial crisis.

2. Requirements

As you instructed us as a marketing agency to develop a campaign to promote Vodafone in Europe in a new and different way we thought about doing something experiential that relates to you as a company.

Europe must be seen as the main market for Vodafone, where the most networks in various countries are owned by Vodafone or at least in which Vodafone holds a huge share (Licensed Network Operators - Vodafone 2009). In the time of a financial crisis Vodafone has to find ways to fight the cuts in revenue forecasts. As an international operating company customers need to be motivated to do business and to stay with the company (Vodafone Cuts Revenue Forecast - 2008). New services and special offers may attract some customers to the company, but on the longer run this might not be efficient enough. So the aim of our marketing campaign is to increase Vodafone’s international revenues and to attract customers to the company. The target group of the following campaign are private users, as they are easier affected by marketing and still offer a very broad and huge target market.

In the last years customers were overfloated with conventional marketing campaigns from Vodafone. It is normal that they get tired of those stimuli. People react to marketing in which they were personal affected. Consumer-focus and human interaction are some of the main characteristics of experiential marketing. Customers search for personal interactions, relevant messages, authenticity, engagement and innovation and that is what they find in experiential marketing (Lendermann 2006). Therefore we decided to promote Vodafone Europe in a new, experiential and personal way.

To start developing an experiential marketing campaign we thought about what makes Vodafone special for private users? There are many characteristics the company claims to see as their core service, but we decided to focus on internationality, flexibility and simplicity as some more important ones. Those characteristics show that Vodafone is a European actor, that provides services for Vodafone clients in nearly every country of Europe. Flexibility is shown though the various user friendly designs, Vodafone offers to its clients. Complete and compact service packages like flatrates express the simplicity of Vodafone. During the campaign we are going to cover those three characteristics to make people associate them with Vodafone. Internationality will be expressed through the subject of the marketing campaign itself, a promotion tour through different countries in which Vodafone already operates in or wants to operate in the future. People shall get the possibility to vote for the particular location at which the tour will stop. They will get the opportunity to win prizes and experience new and surprising activities like exhibitions, concerts or contests. As this promotion tour will be open to everyone (everyone is able to use Vodafone in one or another way) also simplicity will be expressed.


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Consultancy Proposal Vodafone Europe
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