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Concerning the doability navigation in the main menus is easy at the Nissan website. It enables
the user to get back to the initial page immediately by a direct link and there are several different
links to service partners working together with Nissan, such as local traders. But coming to quite
distant pages from the homepage the navigation menu decreases and these pages often lack the
direct link to the very beginning. Another negative aspect is that there are almost the same
navigation issues on the initial page as on the page for business customers. Furthermore there is
no searching device. All in all, one does not have the impression to get a clear overview of how the
navigation is built up.
Endless frontier is not provided on this website as the possibilities of discovering things other
than Nissan cars are quite limited. One does have the possibility of building one’s favourite car by
choosing its colour and technical data and getting direct price information, but concerning other
topics like company and financial data or press information one does not feel well informed.
However, the human touch is very well achieved as there are many personalized items like “Ihr
Team”, “Ihre Vorteile”, “Ihre Sicherheit”, personal brochures and tailor-made offers and the
possibility to choose one’s local Nissan partner. Negative about this point is that there actually is a
category for business customers but none for private ones. Additionally there is no such a mean
like “my Nissan” where one could have a kind of personal account.


Website evaluation of and
European Business School - International University Schloß Reichartshausen Oestrich-Winkel  (Chair for eCommerce)
1,7 (A-)
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Title: Website evaluation of and

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