Migration from CEE - Chances and Risks

Presentation (Elaboration), 2004

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Abstract or Introduction

The debate on movement of people (migration) ranges, 10 days after the probably most
important historical moment of European history in the 21st century, from positive to
Migration undoubtedly presented a excellent opportunity for advancing human welfare, but
some clashes resulting from economical, historical or political failures made weighing its
costs and benefits very difficult: effects that look like “benefits” from a liberal economic point
of view became “costs” when viewed from politics and with emotion in mind.
First, the author will focus on major economic and political questions and perspectives that
are currently clashing eachother in public debates.2 In fact the current debate on European
Enlargement started already a couple of decades ago when people and populations moved
throughout Europe from South-East Europe and Northern Africa to wealthy countries, such as
Germany, France, UK or Scandinavia.3 Today, critics of EU enlargement mainly focus their
arguments on the changes, problems and things that went wrong through immigration or due
to false migration policy. 4 [...]
2 Should Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, or even Ukraine join the European Union in the future ? What is
going to happen to people outside the European Union + other CEE that will look for job opportunities in our
host countries ?
3 - With the result that some immigrants did not find a job, did not actively integrate themselves into their new
local community or did not get integrated due to many reasons.
4 – Nevertheless debates about jobmarket problems resulting from (current and future) European Enlargement
should not mixed up with integration problems resulting with immigrants from Non - EU countries.


Migration from CEE - Chances and Risks
WER Prize 2004
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The work was presented by a doctoral student at the WER Prize 2004 in Wien as a speech.
Migration, Chances, Risks, Prize
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Dr. Johann Sebastian Kann (Author), 2004, Migration from CEE - Chances and Risks, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/26100


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