How the organisational environment influences rational strategy processes

Seminar Paper, 2004

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Abstract :

The global business world is full of environmental forces which cannot be influenced by a single individual or a single company.

Managers should be able to evaluate and afterwards use them for their strategic decision making and long-term planning.

The world in the last century is a continually growing and changing one and understanding and using this progress increases the strategic planning outcome.

This assignment will analyze the rational strategy development in contemporary organisational environment and give an overview of the most important environmental factors.

1. Introduction

The global business scene and its increased uncertainty during the last years have made organisations and their managers more aware of the environmental forces that influence the life and therefore the corporate strategy of every organisation.

Our new century has a climate of tremendous improbability and fast changes and for this reason strategy has never been more complicated and more important than it is now.

This varies of course for every industrial sector but it can be determined by using two dimensions:

- the speed of change which determines how dynamic or how static the conditions are.
- the degree of the environmental comprehension which determines how simple or how complex a certain situation for an organisation is.

The macro environmental factors are the ones a single person or company cannot influence, although there are companies in the global economy that have a tremendous power. But there are still always limited to the economic surface they are operating on.

Therefore every organisation needs to adapt to the changing environment.


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How the organisational environment influences rational strategy processes
University of Lincoln  (International Business Administration)
Corporate Strategy
1,0 (A)
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Title: How the organisational environment influences rational strategy processes

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