A Trusted Cloud Computing With Cryptographic Technique

Textbook, 2013

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1.1 Product prospective
1.2 Objectives

2.1Cloud Computing System
2.2 Architecture of Cloud Computing System
2.3 Security of Cloud Computing System Architecture
2.4 A Trusted Cloud Computing with Cryptographic technique
2.5 Implementation Tools
2.6 Implementation procedure for TCCT with CGT





First of all, I am thankful to God almighty that made me able to complete my work successfully. I sincerely convey my thanks to my beloved Vice – chancellor & our founder, first Bishop YESHU DARBAR, Rev. Fr. Prof.(Dr.) Rajendra B. Lal for his guidance ,support and help in each and every aspect , and I also convey my thanks to my mother and grandmother Mrs.Swarnalatha.N & M. Amulya Prema for their parental guidance

Author: Rajapraveen.k.N


This book focuses on the security issues in Cloud Computing System; Cloud Computing is an upcoming paradigm that offers tremendous advantages in economical aspects such as reduced time to market, flexible computing capabilities and limitless computing power. To use the full potential of the cloud computing, data is transferred, processed and stored by external cloud providers. However, data owners are very skeptical to place their data outside their own control sphere. This book discusses the security controls to protect data in cloud computing environment using Cryptographic technique.

Cloud computing provide the way to share distributed resources and services that belong to different organizations. Since cloud computing share distributed resources via the network in the open environment, thus it makes security problems important for us to develop the cloud computing application. In this book, we pay attention to the security requirements in cloud computing environment. We proposed a method to build a trusted computing environment using cryptographic technique, for cloud computing system by integrating the trusted computing platform into cloud computing system. Security has become a major concern in cloud computing environment. Where the resources are shared by many. Users join and leave the cloud dynamically which leads to a serious challenge for the security of shared resources. Hence there’s a need to establish trust in the cloud so that the users are ensured of their data security. We propose a model system in which cloud computing system is combined with trusted computing platform with trusted platform module. In this model, some important security services, including authentication, confidentiality, data Storage, data security and access control, are provided in cloud computing system.

Chapter – I Introduction

Clouds computing is the collective term for a group of computing resources, distributed systems and network computing were used wildly, Cloud computing is a model for providing convenience, on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources like., servers, networks, applications, storage, and services) that can be provisioned and released with management effort or service provider interaction. security has become major problem in the cloud computing system. Users from various multiple environments use the distributed computing resources more efficiently. Cloud computing is concerned with the sharing and coordinated use of diverse resources in distributed organizations --- cloud, which is consisted of different organizes and systems. Cloud computing provides a facility that enable large-scale controlled sharing and interoperation among resources that are dispersedly owned and managed. Security is therefore a major element in any cloud computing infrastructure, because it is necessary to ensure that only authorized access is permitted and secure behavior is accepted. In a word, all members in the cloud and the cloud computing environment should be trusted by each other, and the members that have communication should be trusted by each other. Trust is the major concern of the consumers and provider of services. Those participate in a cloud computing environment. Because the cloud computing is composed of different local systems and includes the members from multiple environments, therefore the security in cloud is complicate. The security mechanism should provide guarantees secure enough to the user;

“A Trusted Cloud Computing with Cryptographic Technique” is a trusted computing platform which acts as a Security Solution in Cloud computing Environment. We proposed important security Characteristics for security concern. We propose a new way (Cryptographic Technique) that is conducive to improve the secure and dependable computing in cloud environment. In our design, we integrate Trusted Computing Platform (TCP), which is based on Trusted Platform Module (TPM), into the cloud computing system.

1.1 Product Prospective

1.1.1 Existing System

In the existing system, for the cloud computing security has many merits, but still there will be some lack of mechanism to support the trusted computing in cloud computing environment. The trusted root in cloud computing environment has not been defined clearly. The creation of protection is not secure enough for cloud computing environments. There is also lack of mechanism to register and classify the participants carefully such as tracing and monitoring. In the existing system, authentication, confidentiality and integrity are provided.

1.1.2 Proposed System

In the proposed system, we introduce a method to build a trusted computing environment for cloud computing system using Cryptographic technique as major concern, by integrating the Trusted Computing Platform (TCP) into cloud computing system. We propose a model system in which cloud computing system is combined with existing modules as basic factor to develop a new module using Cryptographic techniques to provide cloud security in more efficient way. “ A Trusted Cloud Computing with Cryptographic technique ” is a proposed security system that provides security Parameter on both aspects (USER & CLLOUD SERVICE PROVIDER)

1.2 Objectives

1. To ensure Authentication, Confidentiality, Data Security, Data Storage and Integrity in cloud computing environment using Cryptographic technique as a major concern.
2. To ensure storage of Cloud customer data will be secure and authentic.

Chapter – II Materials and Methods

2.1 Cloud Computing System

Cloud Computing is a pool of computing resources that are provided by different venders and can be accessible by user Remote Computer without any installation of software. Cloud Computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access.

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Figure 2.1: Cloud Computing System

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The above figure represents the working of cloud computing system and how a cloud computing system will works. c1,c2,c3,vc4,c5,c6,c7,c8 are the cloud users accessing the cloud computing resources from various vendors like GOOGLE, MSN, YAHOO, BING..Etc.

2.2 Architecture of Cloud Computing System

A Cloud is a type of parallel and distributed system consisting of a collection of interconnected and virtualized computers that are dynamically provisioned and presented as one or more unified computing resources based on service-level agreements established through negotiation between the service provider and consumers.

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Figure 2.2: Cloud computing system Architecture

Important features of cloud computing is given below:

- Cloud Service Models
- Cloud Deployment Models
- Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing


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A Trusted Cloud Computing With Cryptographic Technique
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