Three aspects of ethics today´s manager should be aware of

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The success of any business greatly depends on the effectiveness of its managers. Managers serve a highly multi-functional important role. They must serve as positive role models for their coworkers, must learn how to promote their employees skills and personal development, and must learn how to function in an increasingly multi-cultural world. In the midst of these challenges, managers are often forced to deal with differing values and

conflicts from their employees in addition to pressure from higher-level

management to produce at competitive levels. Sometimes managers are forced to juggle the competing expectations of their employees and higher- level executives. In these situations, it is important for a manager to advocate on behalf of their employees, while at the same time promoting the overrall success of the company. A relationship between a manager and an employee is always a relationship between two people. Any relationship should be mutually respectful and protect the dignity of both people. The challenge of leadership is to act as role models and assist employees in their environment, while being aware of the differing social and cultural values. This is especially true when corporations act across borders. (Jäger 2001, p. 1)

1. A role model for employees

It is the responsibility of managers to awaken the value of ethical and responsible behavior in their employees and colleagues. The best way to achieve this goal is for managers to lead by example. How can an executive require his employees to appear for work at 7 o‟clock in the morning, when that leader himself starts working in the office at 9 o‟clock. A very important aspect of work culture is the respectful behavior between a manager and his employees. If the supervisor acts as a patriarch, and implements his interests by all means (even at the expense of fairness) that will create a „survival of the fittest‟ dynamic in the office. This will in return weaken the production of the company and reduce the quality of the work environment for team building. (Meifer 2011, p. 102 - 108)

In order for a manager to lead by example, there needs to be pre-given rules for behavior and collective work that reflect the ethical principles and values of the company. The greater the differences in personalities, the bigger the community, the more important it is to have rules. Communities simply cannot function without them. In order to ensure the acceptance of the rules, the manager must serve as an important role model. Only then can he rely on the observance of the rules, which is naturally important for the collective work. (Friske, Bartsch, Schmeisser 2005, p. 20-21)

A role model must also display honesty and sincerity, especially in uncomfortable situations, in order to build trust in their relationships with their employees. Unfortunately, it is often seen that leaders do not admit error, because they fear loss of authority. Mistakes are frequently denied, dismissed or a manager may falsely blame a mistake on lack of quality information. Even worse a manager may blame an employee in order to avoid taking the blame himself. This is the opposite of how a manger should behave. It is the job of a manager to be a shield and source of protection for his employees, because ultimately he is responsible to his employees. “Trust is the glue of any properly functioning organization, business, or team.” (Rowley 2007, p.168) If a manager owns up to his own fault, this shows strength, commitment to his staff, and in return he will get the respect and recognition of his employees. (Rowley 2007, p.168)

2. Promotion of employees

Another essential factor in an ethically oriented workplace is that employees are promoted and recognized for their improved skills. The great challenge of leadership is to recognize the skills of each employee and to use them properly. In order to identify the skills of an individual correctly, a repeating appraisal interview is essential. Sometimes an interview may not reflect the actual skills of the employee. Thus it is important to have regular meetings. Nothing is worse than when a manager assesses the skills of an employee incorrectly and thus nominates him for an inappropriate position. (Meifer 2011, p. 89 - 101) Furthermore, it is of vital importance that skills of employees are continuously improved in order for a business to remain competitive as a whole. To pursue this goal, employees should be encouraged to do further education and training. Education programs may include further degree programs, such as a Bachelors or Masters program, or a foreign language class; whereas a further training course maybe an incompany computer course or a working process seminar. (Antonakis, Cianciolo, Sternberg 2004, p. 223)

To promote the skills of an employee, it is primarily important that the personal opinions of each individual employee be respected and accepted. A leader recognizes that his employees are busy with company work everyday and places trust therefore in those who he manages. As a manager, one is often busy with global responsibilities and taking care of the organization. Then the employees perform the individual activities and deal with the details. So, a quality manager gives his employees the confidence that they know what they are doing in their field and believes in the way of their employees. This does not mean that every employee is the law.


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Three aspects of ethics today´s manager should be aware of
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Title: Three aspects of ethics today´s manager should be aware of

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