Feasibility study report of International Business Machines (IBM)

Project Report, 2012

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Since the inception of IBM Company it has made milestones in the information sand science of technology. Al though it has changed technology in a variety of ways, it also faces its own challenges like any other companies in the technology or business world. In order for management to guide the company in a good direction all these challenges and its results should be resolved for proper management and sustenance of the company. A new system to solve the challenges should be proposed, planned, budgeted and then developed to be fully implemented in the company.

Introduction of IBM

IBM or International Business Machines is the largest computer manufacturing company in the world based in the United States of America. IBM was founded by Thomas J. Watson as a merge of three companies in 1914. The Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company and the Computing Scale of America, joined together to incorporate and formed IBM in 1924. At first the company did not rate itself by selling products, but by research and development. In 1930s IBM started developing business computers using their own research. In July 1980, Microsoft‘s bill gates agreed to create them n operating system for IBM‘s first personal computer. The company has made milestone in business by selling a range of products from mainframe computers, personal computers and successfully developed and sold business computers, (Jackson, 1997).

IBM analysis and evaluations

Innovations and achievements

In the business arena IBM has many innovations and milestones. Since the inception of International Business Machines Company, it developed its own research institute to develop its technology. In 1930s IBM ventured into the business field in which it developed business computers and solutions using their technology. There first business computer developed by IBM and Harvard university was Mark 1 computer which calculated long calculations. This laid the foundation and baseline for calculator technology among many business computers, (www.inventors.about.com/od/computers and internet/a/ibm-history.htm).

IBM‘s research is playing a vital role in the technology field. It is the leading player and innovator in the latest trends of technology which is revolutionizing information technology and science. In technological advancement, they have developed super computers and machines with latest technology. Among them are the superconductivity chips, powerful microprocessor chips, enhanced speech recognition systems and higher DRAM magnetic storage disks which can store up to 64 million bits. These are the key components of large computers, personal and many other electronic products. In the storage capabilities, IBM has developed latest technology related to databases also known as relational databases which are used by individuals and businesses to manage and access large amounts of data faster and more easily because it’s reliable, always available and usually applicable with bigger supercomputers, (www.research.ibm.com/know/top.html). IBM not has it made a milestone in information technology but also in international environmental conservation.


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Feasibility study report of International Business Machines (IBM)
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