Emerging Technologies in Business. Thin Client Technology

Advantages & Pitfalls

Essay, 2009

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Executive Summary

Tradeoffs are inevitably entailed when effectively managing information technology within an enterprise. Over many years, thick client PC’s were the first choice in order to deploy a wide range of services and applications. So-called thick client (also known as “fat” client) devices are computationally capable and flexible. However, those thick clients became a target point of innumerable worms, viruses, and other malware attacks which results in information leaks and organizational discipline as well as considerable effort to maintain and centrally control. Therefore, many companies take the advantages of the thin client technology into consideration in order to address the challenges organizations face with thick clients.

Thin clients are devices which depend on servers for especially storage and most other services. Operating systems can be accessed from a centrally managed, shared server, only few pieces of software are to be managed thus reducing security risks inter alia. As with any other technology, there exist some drawbacks. A thin client is for example highly dependent on centralized servers and network performance.

Generally traditional client computers as well as thin clients each have for specific applications their own strengths and weaknesses whereas the following report aims to further elaborate on the thin client technology.

Introduction to the Thin Client Technology

A device that relies on a server to operate is called a thin client. Such a device consists of a display device, mouse and keyboard, and a basic processing power in order to network with the server. Moreover, a thin client device does not contain moving parts like hard drives and fans. The term “thin client” derives from the fact that such a device is very thin in functionality and features as no data is stored locally and little processing resources are required. A thin client can run almost any software and presents a user with a similar look and feel of a traditional desktop. With such a thin client technology system, the client sends mouse movements and keystrokes over the network to the server, and in return the server sends back changes in the display.


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Emerging Technologies in Business. Thin Client Technology
Advantages & Pitfalls
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