Strategic Sport Marketing Plan for Australian Institute of Sport

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Situation Analysis

The Current Situation of A.I.S

SWOT Analysis

Enhance Better Performance
Promote People Development
Sport Development
Business Development

Marketing Strategy and Action Programs

Physical Evidence



Situation Analysis


The Australian Institute of Sports (A.I.S) is a sports training institution well known all over the world. Opened in 1981, A.I.S provides modern training facilities and support services that promote sports training. The organization hires employees to work in its sections such as the field sector that involves field officers in sport science and medicine. The employees of the organization are experts in various sports-related disciplines including sports nutrition, skill acquisition, and physiology among many others (Morgan & summers 2005, p. 39).

The Current Situation of A.I.S

The A.I.S has a large capacity that can accommodate many people undertaking different activities along with a 5200 people capacity for indoor activities such as gymnastics. The A.I.S has an outdoor seating capacity of 25,000 that hosts some of the most popular games like football and hockey. The Institute has won many awards in different disciplines across Australia and is a popular tourist destination. This implies that the institute is doing well at international levels.

The Australian Institute of Sports has several programs and partnerships, which are aimed at ensuring that it achieves its goals. One major program is the high performance program which has to ensure that Australia becomes a top 10 athletics nation by the end of 2012. National performance centres are located all over the country and focus on individual athletes. They make use of the available infrastructure to bring out the best talents with the help of the world class coaches. This program helps train individuals thereby ensuring that athletes become real professionals without having to attend training at headquarters. Similarly, this program offers several scholarships to different individuals who have shown talent and devotion to sports.

A.I.S programs have a scholarship system, which ensures that talented individuals who cannot afford tuition are trained to elite levels. The elite program offers university education in sports that enhances professional standards. Essentially, this program is a high performance type and is aimed at achieving the best athletic results at international levels. Essentially, the program prepares highly talented athletes who are ready to enter the world championships in their particular disciplines. Scholarships are open to Australian citizens who have reached 17 years of age and have completed secondary education. The A.I.S camp scholarship year starts on April 1st and finishes on September 30th when the trainees are re-assessed in readiness to join the camps from 1st October to 31st of March. All applications are reviewed and only the most qualified athletes are selected for scholarship consideration. Those who are considered to join the scholarship programs must achieve the AIS qualifying standards and must be eligible for selection to national teams at the Paralympics and Olympic levels. In addition, the athlete must show a high potential to improve the current performances and must be willing to attend injury rehabilitation programs before taking the full program.

The main consumers of A.I.S are spectators. Generally, spectators pay a lot of money to watch the athletes performances and competitions. Through organized national sports, the A.I.S attracts millions of fans who love watching games.

The trainee is another consumer of the A.I.S. The A.I.S provides programs in several sporting disciplines which are of interest to secondary school graduates. The main professional courses offered in the institute are sports science and sports medicine. These courses are very popular and in high demand. Currently, the Institute does not offer as many professional courses as expected, although it is becoming increasingly popular in Australia.


As in most sports organizations, the main product of the A.I.S is the athlete. Athletes are the main source of money since millions of people from all over the world come to watch them playing. The AIS has athletes in different games and sports such as basketball, cricket, football women, football men, athletes with disability, diving, cricket, rowing, hockey, skiing, netball, gymnastics, rugby, sailing, squash, swimming, softball, tennis, volleyball, cycling and many other games. All of these are products of A.I.S and continue to prevail the market of Australia as well as foreign markets. These games attract millions of fans who willingly pay to watch their favourite athletes.


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