McDonald’s Competitive Strategy

Term Paper, 2013

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Abstract or Introduction

McDonald created a global advisory council which is entrusted with the duty of providing recommendations on nutrition. McDonald’s has spearheaded a program to introduce healthy food for some customers. Customers can select hamburgers or salads depending upon their needs and requirements. Additionally, apples can be selected for children when parents purchase Happy Meals. McDonald’s products are filled with nutritional information which offers better choices and autonomy to customers. McDonald’s aggressive business strategy is based upon the premise that its restaurants should be located at strategic locations. Burger King’s management is dynamic because it always seeks to utilize the power of new media as a means of ensuring that organizational targets are attained in an effectual manner. Burger King has strived to harness the power of social media to launch new products, track customer feedback, and respond to complaints. Burger King is also successful because of its innovative products like its Whopper. French Toast Sticks, Caesar salads, veggie burgers, and others are examples of innovative products that are offered to customer segments. Burger King has always had a limited menu but it has focused on niche markets. The development of a comprehensive supply chain management system means that KFC can control the power of its suppliers. It trains suppliers so that the adequate standards of hygiene and safety can be maintained. Additionally, it has a monitoring and auditing mechanism to ensure that suppliers comply with the organizational standards and requirements. KFC’s training program for its workforce is based upon imparting technical, managerial, and communication skills.


McDonald’s Competitive Strategy
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