Strategic Plan of an Athletic Apparel Label: Under Armour

Term Paper, 2011

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Background Information

Armour was initiated in 1996. Its main goal by then was to create a T-shirt with a moisture wicking fabric that would help to regulate temperature and enhance performance. Under Armour was humbly started by its CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Kevin Plank, in his grandmother’s basement. This idea may have come from Planks hands on experience as he was an alumnus of the Maryland University football program. In 1998, Under Armour became the official supplier of performance apparel for National Football League in Europe. By the year 1999, the company was supplying clothing for movies. As 2005 approached, they were supplying clothing for the Major League Soccer, Major League Lacrosse, National Hockey League, the USA Ski Team, USA Baseball, 30 NFL teams and 100 division 1A football programs. Currently, Under Armour has three primary lines of apparel, including All SeasonGear, HeatGear and ColdGear. Under Armour now has a 79% of the market share against top competitors such as Columbia Sportswear, Adidas, and Nike it seems that their marketing program is doing well and gaining momentum.

Environmental scan

Internal Environment

Under Armour sells apparel and shoes to men, women, and children. Products are used by professional athletes as well as amateur athletes and “weekend warriors.” According to the BrandDunk website, in 2009, at least 29 athletes or teams have endorsement deals with Under Armour. Under Armour needs to communicate to professional and college sports teams, athletes, those who consider themselves as such and those who enjoy sports.

The product line is designed to improve athletic performance, keep athletes’ bodies dry, and maintain the optimal body temperature. Under Armour sells shirts, bottoms, underwear, sports bras, outerwear, socks, footwear, bags gloves and accessories such as hats, sunglasses, and mouth wear. The company has targeted lines for women and children, in addition to the men’s line that they started with.

SWOT Analysis


The company has a loyal customer base. Under Armour has influential individuals, which are beneficial while doing advertisements. The company has a skilled footwear team. One of the members, Gene McCarthy is a former executive of Nike (Sharrow, 2011). Underworld is one of the first companies to venture in the apparel market. Therefore, it is perceived as a market leader.


The company is currently having a high growth rate and a Price Earnings ratio, which can threaten investors from investing into the company (Bloomberg 2011). The fast growth being experienced by the company may require high capital commitment that the company cannot provide, thus unable to sustain it. There lacked better plan on the original footwear whose launch turned to be arrogant.


The company can slow down offering implementation to give time to consumers to develop the need for a fresh offer. The prevalent customer loyalty can allow the company to introduce footwear and its features to emphasis on its quality and value for the money-the price.


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