Global marketing for US auto makers

Term Paper, 2011

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Mistakes the U.S. automakers have made in the past

3.0 How they need to adapt to market changes

4.0 Strategies to adopt in the global market

5.0 Conclusion

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1.0 Introduction

U.S car makers had problems with the global market since they could not live up to the requirements of doing business in these environments. The cars produced in the U.S had a problem in the global market and could not compete effectively with other bands. Global marketing entails the marketing of products that suit the international markets and can compete effectively with others.

2.0 Mistakes the U.S. automakers have made in the past

U.S automakers did not take into account the needs of the customer. They targeted producing vehicles that had certain features which were compatible to their own needs but not those of the customer. For instance, the production of motor vehicles which are considered as fuel guzzlers was a major setback. Most of these fuel guzzlers are not suitable for the average income earners who value each and every penny they spend and therefore they are not willing to purchase a car that digs deeper into their pocket for both maintenance and use. The fact that the cars are not tailored towards the customer makes it hard to sell. This has led to the ever decline in U.S made car sales. For instance, General Motors has reported a significance drop in its market share from 30.2% in the year 2002 to a mere 22.1% in the year 2007. This has been attributed to the switch that consumers are doing from the GM Hummers and the Chevy Tahoes towards the more efficient and effective brands from Toyota such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda CRVs.

Putting the interests of the consumer ahead of personal or organizational ones is very important when one needs to successfully sell a brand in the market and sustain its business over a long period of time (Becks, 2011).


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Global marketing for US auto makers
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