The Effect of Internet on Personal Identity

Term Paper, 2010

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Abstract or Introduction

The introduction of internet based social media in the 21st century has completely revolutionized modes of communication. As opposed to the old days when people used smoke and signs to convey information, recent years have seen the introduction of various modes of communication that have transformed the way people share information. According to Thussu (2006) the world has become a global village as a result of unprecedented freedom offered by numerous social based media platforms. Furthermore, in the process of sharing information, people have the opportunity to develop social networks and establish new relationships. This essay will explore the possible effects of new internet based social media on personal identity, intimacy, individual privacy and family life.
The introduction of new internet based social mediums has tremendously changed the modes of communication in the 21st century. Castells (2004) points out that the society has become “increasingly networked” as a result of the predominant use of the internet. The introduction of new media has bridged the gap in communication and increased the network of people in a much smaller sense (Gates, 2000). For instance, people no longer have to write letters or fax information, and wait for long periods before they receive replies. People do not have to travel for long distances or even make endless phone call to convey information. Today, the introduction of various social media platforms has made communication extremely effortless by the touch of a button.


The Effect of Internet on Personal Identity
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