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Executive Summary:

Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy:

Sources of Innovation used by Apple:

Different Viewpoint towards Apple’s Innovation:

Case Analysis on Apple’s Innovation:
Was this decision of not Incorporating Innovation Correct?.

Unique Ideas by Apple:

Organizational Structure Supporting Corporate Entrepreneurship:

Demonstration of Innovative Performance from Apple in previous Years:

Innovative Audit of Apple:
Calculation of the Innovation Audit:
Diagramatic Representation of the Innovation Audit:
Analysis of the Audit:

Corporate entrepreneurship change Programme for Apple:
Current opportunities and threats:




Apple, One of the most famous organizations in the world known for its technical innovation year on year was founded on 1st April 1976 and headquartered at California. Apple is known for its software, desktop, laptops, mobile I Phones, I Pod, applications, television, I Pad, etc. (About Apple, 2013)

Apple has been on the continuous verge of innovation since its time of incorporation. Founded by Late Mr. Steve Jobs, this company was known for its product launch especially. The biggest example of dedication towards new viewpoint and innovation was seen in 2007, the day Apple Computers was named Apple. Steve Jobs announced the new I Phone, this gave the world a news which company is now diversifying and going on different product lines. (Apple, 2007)

In last five – six years, Apple has been showcasing its innovation and challenging their own products again and again. Although they are coming up with product and software up gradation recently, we now expect some major new product and new software development.

Executive Summary:

Over the last five years, Apple has diversified its interest from computers to phones. It introduced the first touchscreen phone with only button. In the market of so many mobile phones like Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Panasonic, HTC, etc. imagine a computer company coming in and challenging all brands at once. Apple launched its phone with proper software support. Mr. Steve Jobs was against piracy and hence developed the phones which would have Bluetooth technology to connect via device or an accessory wirelessly, but cannot share information like songs, pictures, etc. via Bluetooth. The songs had to be downloaded from I tunes and then synced to the I Phone. Apple ensured that the iTunes is enriched with millions of songs and latest podcasts so that people don’t avoid I Phone due to reasons of unavailable songs and applications. For applications, Apple has its unique store known as App Store which can be accessed through the phone; through iPod, through Macbook, Winodws Computer, etc. This store is full with applications in the paid category as well as the free category.

Apple has covered a lot of market share in the past few years in the United States of America. People went so crazy about the I Phone that they started waiting for days and hours in a queue so as to purchase the I Phone on the very first day. Also, Apple knew that not everyone would be able to change their I phones again and again, hence the concept of contract system came into picture. Phones were made dirt-cheap with the help of contracts of one or two years. When the contract is about to end, Apple comes up with the latest I Phone and companies give the customer to replace and upgrade their I Phone at a cost that gets spread over a duration of the contract period and that’s why the cost of phones was never and would never be a problem to the people in the USA.( Susan Adams, 2013)

Talking about the other countries, Apple also launches its unlocked phones, but they are comparatively very costly as compared to contractual phones and the increasing dollar value adds to the cost. Apple made its smart phones really smart by unlocking them to a specific carrier service. Once the person removes the SIM card, they cannot use the phone until they get it unlocked by the carrier itself.

Apple has its retail outlets in almost all countries and has an online support online as well as on phone 24*7. Apple believes in gaining their customers and hence, provides them with new technology every now and then. I Phone started with their I Phone 2G, followed by 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5C and 5S. Apple also ensured that the Apple Operating System commonly known as IOS is update every few months so as the phone is upgraded to the latest features.

Apple targeted mainly the Northern and South America, not that they din target other countries, but Apple is the major player in the USA. Then, followed by the USA, Europe is a major market for Apple. All countries where the money value is equivalent or similar to dollar did enjoy the benefits of I Phones on Contracts. In Asia Pacific, I Phones are still available on unlocked basis and market price, which makes I Phone indeed very costly. (uSwitch, n.d.)

It is not only the phones, Apple started its Music players named I Pod, in which they had varieties like I pod Shuffle, which is a mini music player that can easily fit into your pockets. Apple then went on to the evolution of I Pods, they brought the I pod, which had the big screen and buttons, then came up with I Pod Nano which was as small screen I Pod. Along with the IPhone 4 launch, they even launched the I Pod Touch which was very similar to the phone; the only difference was it didn’t have a provision for SIM cards.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy:

Corporate Entrepreneurs are those, who being in the corporate environment have an innovative and unique edge of taking the company to the next level of achievement. Steve Jobs was very famously known for his entrepreneurship skills through which he went on with innovation every day and guided many misguided minds to think freely and come up with ideas that can improve the functioning of the organization. (Entrepreneurship Staff, 2013)

Corporate Entrepreneurs are the ones who can think how the future can be, can predict people’s behavior down the line, can sense the technology which would be forthcoming. These people are not special people with some sixth sense. It is like when you hear about a new scheme or a new technology; many people laugh on it and forget it. The one who keeps in mind, thinks over it and puts it into practicality is the one who can foresee that trend in the future. In short it is not any sixth sense, but positive thinking. Apple never tried to fight competition by lowering its prices, never gave any discount, no free accessories, which all other brands at that time did. Apple always maintained its dignity as a premium brand and didn’t launch many phones unlike others. Today, if you see Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia to an extent have so many new models every day. Whereas, Apple believes in quality and the quantity comes by default. Until recently when Samsung overtook the first position in the mobile phone Market, Apple had remained the market leader due to its premium image. Apple always ensured a friendly work culture in offices and people at all levels could come up with their ideas and suggestions. This put new ideas to brainstorm and many of them were successfully brought up. (Colin Turner, 2012)

These strategies helped to obstruct the major threat of competition. Talking about the Opportunities, Apple didn’t leave any stone unturned, which came its way. They tried many things, many new applications exclusively for Apple Phones so as more and more people are pulled towards Apple.

Sources of Innovation used by Apple:

Apple, in many places is used as the best example of innovation. From a computer company, which was once in deep losses and nearing its closure to the topmost company of the world having a brand image in each and every country and being selling huge quantities of I Pods, I Pads, Macbooks, I Phones and much more?

Apple didn’t just believe in providing products. What they concentrated was the product supported by brilliant service. Today, major phones are working on Android, which is the open source by Google. Still any application launched in any country is first developed for IOS/Android and then maybe for Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian, Windows, etc. Not a single application developer would avoid launching its application for IOS. Steve Jobs believed in earning from products as well as from services. I Tunes and App Stores are major source of income for Apple in the developed countries. In Developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. people buy music, podcasts, ring tones, movies, etc. Whereas, in developing countries like China, India, Sri Lanka, etc. people still download pirated songs and then feed it into I tunes. (CIM, 2007)

Different Viewpoint towards Apple’s Innovation:

Earlier Apple was known for its Innovation, until it was led by the Late Steve Jobs until August 2012. After Steve, The former Chief Operation Officer, Tim Cook took over as the CEO. People think that Apple is still the same on the lines of innovation. I personally don’t think that. According to my viewpoint, Tim Cook tried to copy the trend created by Steve Jobs. One should not follow the path created by someone else if they want to be a leader. Following Steve Jobs in his absence was a great mistake done by Apple and all its Employees. They could have come up with an innovate way of moving ahead and creating a new device which would create some sort of excitement throughout the world. Apple’s IPhone5 were still innovative, but now when it came to IPhone5 C and IPhone5 S, they are not good according to the expectation of the people. It is not that Apple is not moving in the way of innovation, but it is like they are moving slow as compared to the rate of innovation expected from its customer. This is the reason, why Apple’s top position in market is taken over by Samsung.


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