Human Resources: Special Interest Groups

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According to Boundless (2013), special interest groups can be considered as a community having similar interest for the sake of advancing a specific area of learning, knowledge, or even technology. This makes all members to cooperate to produce or effect solutions for the challenges identified within their specific field. They conduct conferences, meetings and even communicate for the sake of making a change. They seek to create various advantages for their cause hence pools together their differences to solve a particular issue. AMMA, an Australian national resource industry employer group which works for significant workforce outcomes in mining, exploration, transport, energy, hydrocarbons and smelting has several members in its special interest group. They seek to ensure that they get the best talented employees, secure the best employee working conditions and policy, establish ways to protect employees and voice their concerns to various employee unions. They also address the challenges faced by their various members within the industry and the best way to solve the challenges.

The stakeholders include: Training and Development Committee, Hydrocarbons Industry Group, Offshore Construction Group, Sales Based Contractors Group, AMMA AWRA Special Interest Group, Health and Safety Environment Advisory Group and several others. They focus on policy issues such as safety, migration, and discrimination. They also manage disputes; discuss emerging tribunal themes and key industrial relations including market rates and conditions.

McDonald’s Reputation and Image

Building a reputation takes a lot of time since the business has to be assessed by the customers regarding their brands, behaviors in terms of customer service, corporate social responsibility and ethical values. It is driven by behavior in its strategy, business process, culture, controls, employees and governance. Most important is the organizations value preposition to its customers and its integrity. McDonald tactical and operational approach in marketing and a long-term build relationship with its customers provides a good image to the customers. The company is not only known of its best nutritional food but also of a well-defined culture of customer service and good employee relation. Its operation in a service led environment requires training of employee’s behavior to become the brand builders (Helm, Liehr-Gobbers, & Storck, 2011). This is done through linking with its internal culture where they understand who they are and how positively the stakeholders perceive of them. The perception and image created by McDonalds makes customers return for more of its brands and hence it is able to sustain its competitive advantage.


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