Context Analysis of McDonalds Corporation and Marketing Communication Plan

Term Paper, 2011

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Abstract or Introduction

Marketing is part and parcel of everyday life with every transaction being marketing or a business initiative of some kind. As Mullins & Walker (2010) put marketing is a social process that involves those activities that are necessary to enable individuals and organizations to get what they need or want by conducting exchanges with other people so as to establish a continuous exchange relationship. It is also possible to say that marketing is in vain if relationships are not created with the consumers to enable the firm get repeat buying from the customers. The strong brands not only in the UK but also around the world have worked hard to ensure that people know their brands in a sense that they have made it possible for people to establish a personal attachment to the brands. This kind of loyalty is what makes organizations excel and post impressive financial results. Through this therefore it is possible to see the value of communication in business. Relationships are only built through constant communication with the customers and this happens through a variety of ways. For companies to succeed they need to have an integrated promotional mix in which they pass information to consumers to increase their presence in a given market and to increase customer understanding of their products and services. The Integrated marketing communication hence is a process of building and continuously reinforcing mutually profitable relationships with various stakeholders such as employees, consumers and the general public, through the development and coordination of a strategic communications program that enables stakeholders to make a constructive contact with the company brand through different media (Fill, 2009).


Context Analysis of McDonalds Corporation and Marketing Communication Plan
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Title: Context Analysis of McDonalds Corporation and Marketing Communication Plan

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