Human Resource Information System

Term Paper, 2012

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Abstract or Introduction

As the major organizations face an increment in global competition and rapid change in technology, the leveraging of the human capital is important as seen in the Moneyball case. This necessitates the rethinking of the human resource management role as an approach in managing employee recruitment within the organizations. Following the significant advances in management and technology, the HRIS application has been under utilization for the provision of processes to enhance the process of human resource management. This significantly relates to the Moneyball case that highlights on the concepts of budgeting, data analytics, and the aspect of productivity. The general manager of Oakland A revolutionizes the process of new basketball players scouting through the application of a computer-generated analysis that reflects on the framework of the HRIS system. The use of the human resource information systems enables the delivery and administration of the management framework.
The Moneyball case indicates the use of a new technology making sophisticated data analytics process possible. The creation of a positive experience as shown in the case enhances customer interaction with the systems and its related processes. Organizations consider looking for the vital ways for the management of their internal processes with efficiency while under the integrity preservation of each of the practices. In human resource management, this necessitates process that affects employees and the management system hence tracking of the Hr activities through the application of HRIS is of significance. The system enables the reliable provision of details on the aspect of administration, recruitment, payroll, and training in an organization. The HRIS tool, when used as seen in the Money ball case, aids the management in making some of the strategic decisions.


Human Resource Information System
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Title: Human Resource Information System

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