Should abortion be legal?

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From research which was carried by the World Health Organization, there are about four thousand abortions made every single day in America. And world wide, the numbers of abortions in a single day are about one hundred twenty thousand. The issue on weather abortion should be legalized is still bothering many people’s minds and the question is, what is abortion? This can be referred to as pregnancy destruction accidentally in form of a miscarriage or by someone’s willed. Therefore we would be weighing the merits and demerits of abortion and discover if abortion legalization is a significant right women should have. Abortions that come up as a result of rape and possible health concerns to a mother are about 7% from the research made by doctors. But social and personal factors are the major cause for most of the abortions.

Why abortion should be legalized in America

There are over twenty seven countries where laws to abort have been made legal at any time a woman is pregnant until the time of birth. Some of the countries where abortion has been made legal include; the United Stats of America, Australia, Germany and Canada. Despite the fact that there are so many people who are opposing the legalization of abortion in America, there are some strong reasons why abortion should be legalized and they are as follows;

Emotional torture and pro-choice

Referring to the book titled “The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice” wrote by Robert M and Stuart E (2008), I don’t think that a mother would wish to kill her own baby. Many people ask themselves why women carry out abortions but at times such women do this because of some social situations. Answers to this will likely follow the trend of death against torture, meaning that death is better than when some one is being tortured. By torture we mean that the life of the unexpected child will live if not aborted. And this justifies the case of legalizing abortion. If a woman becomes pregnant out of rape, she should never be forced to have the baby that she would not wish to and on the other hand, if a child is left to live and she or he gets to know that it was out of rape that the mother gave birth to him or her, this child will always have a belief that he or she was cursed meaning that such a child will live a tortured life. And if so emotional, such a child would wish not to have been born which at times results into suicide attempts. Some women find themselves victims of such situations out of incest; some because they are mothers addicted to drugs and at times, it’s out of some mental disorders. In all of the listed cases, the unexpected baby should not be forced to live with a life of mental disorders that rise under some circumstances. Really, an innocent baby should never be given life she will have to regret for the rest of his or her life and born with a mental defect. To some extent, this also benefits victims of rape in a way that it cleanses a reminder of what they have gone through in life.

The reason people give for abortion to be illegal is not irrational

According to Robert and Stuart (2008) the argument people opposing abortion use that abortion is like murder is rational at all. We have two issues that are to be discussed about and one of is that “since when is a fertilized egg turns to a human?” Then the other issue is that “when is destruction of this egg or (person) like some take it considered a murder case? If someone wants to argue that a woman aborting is committing murder, then one has to establish that the fetus is a human being according to the legal sense the word sounds, meaning a citizen. Is really an unborn baby endowed with rights and when did that come into existence? If any one wishes to argue that at conception, a fertilized egg is given full rights just like any other human being under the State; then there has to be a legal documentation at conception issued. Say, pre-birth certificate should be issued for the unborn baby. This implies that the welfare of the unborn baby should be protected by the state. Meaning that when a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she should notify the government as soon as possible so that the pre-birth certificate is issued. According to what you think, do you believe this how things should be done? Abortion should be legalized and if many people oppose this, they should be able to answer this question. Is there a clear line of definition that shows us when a fertilized embryo becomes a human being? If one comes out and says that it is at conception, then, it means that such cases would need to be investigated just like any other murder crime. Is it really rational if some one said that a fertilized embryo is a person? People should note the meaning of “life” and “person”, these are two different words. One is free to say that life starts at birth but it does not mean that it is a human being. Blood is not a person but alive, it’s living cells. It is described “that a fetus developed for more than13 weeks is known to be a probable person and a baby which lives outside the womb is taken to be a person. Today, our legal description of when a fetus turns into a human being is when they are given birth to and a birth certificate issued for them. Before that time, no legal person is said to exist. So people should open up their eyes and stop saying that aborting is committing murder as the reason as to why abortion should be illegal. If they can’t give other reasons rather than this, then abortion should be made legal.


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Should abortion be legal?
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