How To Solve The Problem Of Overpopulation

Essay, 2013

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Problem-Solution Essay

How To Solve The Problem Of Overpopulation

by Hrvoje Kurtović

Who needs an apocalypse if we have a similar problem? Our world is bursting at the seams and it seems that we cannot stop it: Currently, 7.2 Billion people are living on Earth and about 80 million people are going to be added each year. (a) We are consuming a lot of water, food and energy, and we are producing gigantic trash: As a result, we are inexorably destroying our environment.

"The fight to survive is running right now," said the American journalist Alan Weisman. (a)

A brutal distribution battle will begin soon. We, the people, can hold against this problem but we have only one option: We have to decrease our population. But how to find a way to solve the problem?

First of all, we need to have an overview about the tragedy and its consequences:

Overpopulation constitutes one of the most essential causes for the most problems worldwide. In the near future, each country will have to face a lack of food, water, and energy. One reason why a country can still ensure its prosperity is due to its imported items from other countries. (b) But this cannot be the longtime solution since the population in almost every country is increasing. There is a danger that the world population will increase from 8 to 10 Billion people in the next few centuries. In that case, it is likely that most countries will need their own products for themselves. Furthermore, earth can provide the kind of life quality of the European Union or of the Northern America nations only for 4 Billion people. (b) So, if the world population increases, there will be a huge decrease in welfare until we will reach the standard of a poor farmer who does not have the ability to provide for himself or herself and who does not know what welfare means. Therefore, we will have to share everything faithfully in order to avoid conflicts or wars.

In addition to this, our climate is changing regardless of whether it is ascribed to pollution or to changes in the world. The sea level needs only a little bit to raise so that we will loose valuable acreages and thereby an important resource. (d) We humans also have the effort to get more welfare: the number of cars and televisions, for instance, is increasing around the whole world. At a certain time, we will reach a point where the increase of population will interfere with the increase in welfare. Thus, there is a considerable big danger that many people will leave their native countries and that they will travel around the world in order or find food, water and welfare. People who believe in technology point out that it has all solutions for our problems. Unfortunately, our technological achievements do not help us to reduce the starvation in the world. If the global world problems like overpopulation are not going to be solved, many conflicts or violence will determine our future due to the fact that everybody wants to survive. Many problems are connected with the one problem, the overpopulation.


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How To Solve The Problem Of Overpopulation
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