Women Empowerment. A Debate

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This Document deals with understanding the reality of Women Empowerment in the form of a debate between two persons representing completely different point of views and mentalities. While “Person A” speaks in favor of the fact that Women Empowerment is a reality while “Person B” speaks against the concept of Women Empowerment. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions.

Person A: “Women Empowerment Is a Reality”

In 1931, at Second Round Table Conference, Mahatma Gandhi had announced that his aim was to establish a political society in India, in which women would enjoy the same rights as men and the teeming millions of India would be ensured dignity as well as justice which will be Social, Economic and Political.

But now, even after 83 years of that declaration given by the Father of Our Nation, can we ask ourselves the same question again - Are women really empowered?

And the answer is … YES!

This seems to be the question of the decade as this decade saw the rise of many women and the fight for equality seemed to dim in the face of the newly empowered female citizens of our nation, state and family. Since the dark ages, women have been considered as a retarded race of the society, left at the mercy of the male members of the family. But it’s the thing of the past. Like after a long night, a bright dusk awaits, we have entered into a modern era.

Women Empowerment is getting a reality!

The First point I’ll put forward is that, now there are very less cases of domestic violence, dowry deaths or other old customs like “Sati”, etc. as compared to many years ago. One reason may be the fact that there are various new provisions provided by the law. For around two centuries, social reformers and missionaries in India have endeavored to bring women out of confines in which centuries of traditions had kept them. Twenty six laws have been enacted so far to protect women from various crimes. The recent law on the “protection of women against domestic violence” satisfies the long pending demand of the women activities. The other reason might be a significant increase in their political, economic and health awareness. Now they have knowledge about support groups and positive attitude towards life. They are aware about the risk prevailing at home, at work place, while travelling and staying outside home. This continues into my second point.

Women are now leading a happier life than before. They don’t compromise if the marriage does not turn out well. They are becoming self-dependent and their health is better as compared to the earlier decades. Women are now entering into the job market in increasing numbers. They are showing their skills even in the non-traditional sectors like police, defense, administration, media and research fields.

My third point would feature the fact that a lot of opportunities occur for women in various fields because of reservations and open mindedness of the society. We are now witnessing a steady improvement in the enrollment of women in schools, colleges and even in professional institutes. According to the 2001 census, the percentage of female literacy in the country was 54 % as compared to the 9% in 1951. In the political field, the reservation for women is a significant step forward towards their political empowerment. When 33% reservation for women in parliament becomes a reality, women’s voice will be heard in the brightest forum of democracy.

Today, women are emerging as leaders in growing range of fields, be it aeronautics, medicine, space, engineering, law, politics, education, business, etc. Indra Nooyi, the President and CEO of PepsiCo; Medha Patkar, a famous Environmental Activist; Naina Lal Kidwayi, Group General Manager and Country Head of HSBC, India; Chanda Kochar, MD and CEO of ICICI Bank; and the list never ends. You just name the profession and they are there; In short, in order to help women to be in limelight, they need to be empowered.

And it has already been done; and with a great success too, though with few now, but this will soon turn into many; the empowerment of women is the prerequisite to transform our developing country into a developed one.


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Women Empowerment. A Debate
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  • guest on 7/23/2015

    nice work... really appreciable
    it nicely focused upon the points which proves that women empowerment is actually becoming a reality.

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