Main assets of Cardiff as a European Capital City

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Essay : What are the main assets of Cardiff as a European Capital City ?

Introduction :

The aim of this essay is to show Cardiff’s quality as a European capital city. However we must not forget during this discussion that Cardiff is only a pseudo European capital city. There are a lot of assets that describe Cardiff as adequate. This essay attempts to give a survey of the assets, and above all to analyse Cardiff’s most important assets nowadays : its representation on the internet.

Main part :

We must not forget that the main capital of the United Kingdom is London. All foreign embassies are located there. The government and the parliament of the UK is located in London. But the UK also consists of four smaller countries : England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the embryonic result of British nationalism.

Though Scotland and Wales have got their own regional parliament, they are directly governed from London. London creates the basic laws for all of the UK. Cardiff is the capital of Wales with its own attractions and regional institutions. But can you really put Cardiff on one level with megacities like London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Prague, Oslo, Warsaw, Dublin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Moscow, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon and other real European capitals ? I think not. You can call Cardiff only a pseudo European capital because it is not independent and too small. There are only 318 000 inhabitants in Cardiff. Most of the real European capitals have got more than a million inhabitants.

But nevertheless, Cardiff is an interesting and attractive town at the westcoast of mainland Great Britain. In fact, Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Cardiff's assets are as follows :

In the middle of the town you will find the wonderful Cardiff Castle. It has got huge walls and high towers. There is a restaurant in it and you can go inside the castle as a visitor. It attracts a lot of tourists. Besides that, Cardiff has got a very modern city centre. There is a long pedestrian zone in Queenstreet. You can find a lot of shops and department stores there. Cardiff is a habour city. It has docklands but no oversea habour. There are no ferries from Cardiff to elsewhere in Wales, to Bristol, to France or to Spain. If you want to go to Ireland by ferry, you have to go to Swansea. There is a very high tide in Cardiff. Therefore you cannot use the harbour for the whole day. But there are plans to flood the bay of Cardiff artificially for the whole day. In Cardiff many cultural events take place. Here you can find a lot of theatres, among them the fine New Theatre, museums and above all the Welsh National Gallery. There is also the Millennium Stadium, where in autumn 1999 the Rugby World Cup took place.

The highest representative of Wales is the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. He is the son of Queen Elizabeth and comes now and then to Cardiff; his main whereabouts are in London. He is always dressed in the heights of monarchic fashion. The Prince of Wales stands for the sovereignty of Wales. But in the monarchic system, the United Kingdom comes first.

Wales is represented by two symbols on flags and coat of arms. The one symbol that stands for Wales is the Dragon. Since the time of Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur, the Dragon has been used on the standards of the Welsh Kings. They believed that the dragon protects the Welsh people. The other important symbol for Wales is the Welsh lily.

In and around Cardiff you can find a lot of British and foreign industrial plants. For example you can find a huge plant of British Aerospace and a plant of the Japanese company Panasonic in Cardiff. Wales is an ideal place for foreign investors in the UK to invest money in. The wages are lower than in the rest of the UK and especially in the case of women who earn 16 % less than men. Cardiff has got a huge media industry. You can find for example “ The Western Mail “ here in Cardiff, also television and radio stations. There are even bilingual television programs and a radio station that reports in Welsh, the Red Dragon.


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Main assets of Cardiff as a European Capital City
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