How Communication Plays A Key Role In All Aspects of Our Lives

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Before we take a look at the important roles that communication plays in our daily lives, we will first have to know what it is. Communication generally is the process of sending and receiving messages or information to a simple audience or multiple audiences using various forms of media.

Communication has created a society with people who can interact more freely and independently, age and even gender. As a social process, communication has assisted us in various areas in our day to day lives.

According to David Krech (1962), man is a talking animal. He has built a world of words and he lives in this world as he lives in a world of things and persons. The first role that communication plays in our daily existence on earth is guiding us on how we express our thoughts, emotions and also in communicating to progress successfully, each one of us must be ready to appreciate the ideas and imaginations of others, but not accepting and implementing them wholly.

By freely interacting with each other, we manage to correct the mistakes that might be in our ideologies and philosophies. For instance, the United States could not have successfully grown to a super-power if it couldn’t recognize the diverse culture of various nationalities which she homes. For communication to be just and fair, each party must have a right in expressing its feelings. It is with the expressing of our emotions that we manage to show others how we view the world or a particular subject.

Without taking that concept into consideration, the contents and purpose of the information being delivered will be distorted, because the emotionally disturbed party will perceive the other party as a threat or character assassin.

Basic communication is a unique social process which always involves two parties where one of the parties might be an individual or audience. Information is usually delivered by every one of us in a certain way, whether we are physically impaired or not.

Due to this special quality, basic communication has brought people together, making them feel more appreciated and understood by the rest of the society. Secondly, communication provides us with information concerning ourselves and the rest of the world. Through communication with each other, we learn more about our personality and character.

Without putting this concept into practice, one cannot know himself or herself, since he/she does not have a partner who can act like a mirror in showing his or her real identity. A good example of where delivering of information plays an important role in showing one’s self image, is in relationships in form of friendship and marriages. It is not by being in a high position in a social strata that makes one to manage to disclose himself more to his family and friends, but it is on how a person is willing to reveal his personality and values to other people.

Communication has also assisted us in knowing what is happening around us and the rest of the world, through mass communication. With the recent emergence of this information power-house, we have succeeded to learn mare about our societies, either locally or internationally.

The major components which have greatly contributed to the growth and development of this powerful communication tool are the newsprint and the electronic media. To quench the thirst for information and know edge in this literacy age, the newspaper has created newspapers, magazines and journals, which are read daily by millions of people internationally. It is by reading these prints that we are able to communicate with their authors.

In the world of the electronics media, televisions, computers and radios have made us more informed and intellectually equipped. For instance, information concerning politics, science, economics and sociology in various corners of the world has been made available in computers.

Communication has also made a great contribution in our social lives through history. By recovering manuscripts, scrolls and other forms of texts, historians have managed to show as how our ancestors conducted themselves culturally, politically, socially and religiously, giving the reflection of how we are today.

Taking a look at ancient Egypt for instance, we will notice that their way of life and beliefs were all revealed to us through hieroglyphics, a communication process where drawings and scrolls sere used to represent several things, in form of the people’s experiences and observation. Through hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptians have managed to give us loads of information concerning how they perceived themselves, the physical world and even the spiritual world.


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How Communication Plays A Key Role In All Aspects of Our Lives
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