Report of experiences on parttaking in an Applied Management Project unit

Essay, 2013

11 Pages


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Description
2.1. Experience
2.1.1. Systematic Reflection Model
2.1.2. Socialism Externalisation Combination Internalisation (SECI) Model

3. Feelings and Learning

4. Evaluation

5. Analysis
5.1. Academic Learning
5.2. Personal Learning

6. Action Plan

7. Conclusion

8. References

1. Introduction

This report is made as an important part of AMP main report. The scope of this reflective report is broad as it outlined the entire effort which I made for the completion of this report. For the attainment of objectives of AMP I think I contributed actively both prospects (Individual as well as Group). But I would be happier if I will get MSc Degree as a result of all these efforts.

This report seemed to have five important phases. The first phase is more concerned with the outlining of this report’s objective for indicating the significance of this associated report. The second phase is more concerned with the explanation of my feeling and thinking in relation to the given unit of AMP. The Evaluation is more oriented towards highlighting few problems which I faced while engaged in the group task. Analysis phase is more inclined towards the explanation of certain enhancement in my existing skills. The Action Plan phase is more structured towards the approach of listing out certain strategies which would be adopted by me in the future course study and the last phase is the summing up of this report’s main points.

2. Description

This report is basically based on the experience I underwent from the three important aspects (Individual Effort, Group Work and Tutor Sessions) of AMP unit. Additionally it also includes some more aspects: engagement within group, deciding over the structure and formatting of final report, making choice among the relevant case studies and keeping record of references. It has been believed that all of these relating factors are influential in directing an individual towards way of enhancing Critical Analysis and Thinking skills. These skills are determined to be closely related to each other and it is really hard to separate them from each other.

Objectives of Reflective Report

The report is made with the ultimate goal of attaining five significant objectives which are mentioned below:

- To outline that how much I had been successful in getting maximum from the group meetings as well as from the tutor support session. But the overall intension of this objective to analyse that either the main report submitted along with this report would reflect the efforts or not.
- To examine that the quality of work which would be submitted is according to the course advisors’ expectations or not.
- To realise the importance of certain aspects which would believed to be adopted in the future course of time not only in order to get grade but also to enhance the learning and development process.
- To stress out the importance of one’s engagement during the time of this course which direct him/her towards the development of active learning skills.
- To equip student with the approach of how one can reflect upon his/her past incidents and could learn from the past mistakes in order to keep oneself on the positive side.

In short, it has been understood that all of these objectives meant that this report is not only useful in demonstrating the student towards the competency of reflecting upon the past incidents but also to boost up the student confidence level in order to intend them to aim for desirable goal which would raise the quality of work to be submitted.

2.1. Experience

In the starting, I seemed to be nervous as everything was new for me and I had no idea how to deal with the all potential challenges. Correspondingly, the research topic also seemed to be comparatively tough to me. No, I was hopeless at that time as I had no idea of what to do or how to do it. But the situation seemed to be getting good shape as we got a chance to meet our course advisor on the fourth day of AMP week and I think it was important factor for turning my intension on the right track.


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Report of experiences on parttaking in an Applied Management Project unit
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