A little more sleep and a high self-esteem can go a long way

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This will be a description of how a study could be carried out that gains insight and examines how sleep and self-esteem can impact your academic performance. The participants for this study will be children 15 - 17 years old who will be taking the Math and English MCAS for the first time. The participants will then be divided up into two groups, one with a sense of low self-esteem and another with a sense of high self-esteem. The group with low self-esteem will be further divided into two groups, one with less sleep and the other with more sleep. The group with high self-esteem will also be divided into two groups, again one with less sleep and the other with more sleep. The exam will be issued as if it were a real exam. Parents and participants will be told that the purpose of the experiment is about finding out the reasons to poor or high academic performance. At the end of the exams, parents and all participants will be debriefed in a room altogether.

A little more sleep and high self-esteem can go a long way

The purpose of this study is to examine if sleep and self-esteem will impact your academic performance. The hypothesis for this study is that students who have higher self-esteem and more sleep will score higher on the MCAS. In your high school and college career, sleep is often neglected and forgotten. Self-esteem, described as your interpretation of your over all worth, surprisingly can affect your overall academic performance. Sleep and self-esteem can affect more than just your social life. In many studies researchers have tested the affects of sleep quality on behavioral symptoms of children, affects of sleep deprivation on academic performance, and affects of sleep disturbance on self-esteem. The following two studies were conducted examining the effects of sleep and behavioral symptoms in children and sleep on adolescence. A randomly selected sample of 297 families with children 5-6-years-old participated in a study to figure out whether short sleep duration or sleeping difficulties are associated with behavioral symptoms (Paavonen, E., Porkka-Heiskanen, T., Lahikainen, A. 2009). The results supported their hypothesis; short sleep and sleep disturbance were related to inattention and externalizing symptoms according to both informants (Paavonen, E., Porkka-Heiskanen, T., Lahikainen, A. 2009). There have also been other epidemiological studies revealing the relationship between school-aged children’s behavior and short sleep duration which supports this conclusion. Unfortunately, the data collected from this study cannot be generalized or applied to adolescence. In a two wave Cohort study, done through interviews and questionnaires with 11-17 year olds, 4175 were examined at baseline and 3134 were re-assessed a year later with the same assessment battery used at baseline (Roberts, R. E. 2009). The results of this study indicated that sleep deprivation or short sleep, which was operationally defined as less than 6 hours over the course of 4 weeks, lead to low self-esteem and poor academic performance but it did not affect depression (Roberts, R. E. 2009). For Short Sleep Weeknights, the only significant outcomes were other drug use and poor grades (Roberts, R. E. 2009).


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A little more sleep and a high self-esteem can go a long way
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Title: A little more sleep and a high self-esteem can go a long way

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