Back Pain And Its Natural Solutions

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The world is rushing past. No matter which field you are in, you will see a lot of people busily rushing away in life to emerge ahead. Life is all about setting your priorities straight. One tends to forget is the amount of stress that our body takes. The body too has its own restrictions and when you tend to over stretch its limits, things might turn nasty. One such repercussion is the increasing problem of back ache. It is a very painful problem and is getting very common among a lot of people and especially the working class. The toll of continuous working can be evident with pain in your back among a lot of people. The main causes for this ailment shall be discussed in thorough detail as it may arise because of negligence as well. There is medical cure for this disease however, prevention is always better than cure and here in this book we shall deal with the symptoms, treatment and preventive measures for this disease. So, this information shall help you with facts which if followed will help prevent you from joining the those who suffer from back aches.

If you are already a patient, then this book shall give you natural measures to recover from them. Hence, this is a must read as things have been kept basic so that one can connect with the train of thought and follow them and hence reap the benefit. But before we start off, remember the golden word “health is wealth”. If your back is troubling you while you are reading this, please put the book down, take your time, and aid your back and then when things get better resume to set yourself free from the shackles of back ache. If you think I am over exaggerating, just read it out and then pass your own verdict, because if reading a few pages can set you free from the incessant unbearable pain or can prevent you from being enslaved to this nightmarish disease, then there is no harm trying. For too long you have been rushing hard for different things ranging from helping your family members, business events, or other special work of yours, now it’s the right time to deal with yourself. Give yourself the time you deserve, and the care you require.

Having given a philosophical touch, you can be assured that this book is not going to be a medical juggernaut, utmost care has been taken to ensure that you can relate with the writings. Relax and read, taking care to note the points in between. Let’s take this journey understand and relieve your back pain.


The very basic question to answer would be what back pain exactly is. Back pain actually refers to moderate to sharp pain experienced in the spinal cord or generally in the upper and lower back. The sense of pain could be extremely painful which is unbearable to slightly moderate that occurs at intermittent intervals. The severity of the pain varies from person to person but generally is a very uncomfortable experience for any one as it tends to hamper your work performance. Back pain is one of the most common medical problem currently as growing number of people are falling prey to this chronic disease. There are innumerable reasons for this disease which shall be dealt later in this book. However, one must understand that it is not an incurable disease as there are lots of natural ways available which can help heal this problem.

If you have been suffering from backache for too long now, or else if you have been undergoing a lot of medication without much of a respite than its time to go the natural way. Natural methods can help you recover from this painful disease and at the same time avoid all kind of side effects as well. Most of the people who have a round the clock desk job or do a lot of lifting activities or strenuously work out as a part of their job, might just be sufferers of this painful plight. Obviously leaving the job is not the right and justified solution, so we intend to offer you measures that shall relive you from the pain and help you focus to your work place with newer levels of dedication and energy.

Backache depends a lot on your lifestyle as well. There are a range of factors that need to be taken into consideration while evaluating the causes of back ache as a lot of activities can add up to the pain. However, the problem remains that people tend to overlook the pain until it gets too discomforting. The problem begins as a minor one but in a very short time, if left unattended it can grow at an alarming rate and become a major cause of concern. Hence, for all the people who suffer even the slightest trace of discomfort in their back, they must take immediate actions and prevent a bad back. If the right actions are taken in the early stages, the situation might get under control before things get out of hand. However, if your situation has already become painful as you neglected to give your pain attention, don’t worry. We shall provide you with the right solutions that can help you come out of this medical disease and be at ease with the simplest of all natural ways. To know more of it keep reading and experiencing, remember, this is not a story book meant merely to read. Implement the information as you read them in the book, and feel the change growing in you. The change is best experienced when you are ready to grab the opportunity and mould it to your advantage. You must be ready to take the leap. If you are so prepared then this book is going to be your best deal. Back ache could be a thing of the past if you put in all you have and much more to ward off this evil. Strenuous back ache can hamper all kind of performance level so make it your top priority to deal with such things at the earliest as a little prevention is always better than a cure. If you are ready to do the needful, you should be successful in your attempt to either get rid of back pain completely. Also, if you are among the few lucky ones who do not have to attend to the problems of troubled back, this book shall give you some basic tips on the kind of lifestyle you should have as implementing these would prevent you the problems of troubled back. Back pain is such a common problem that almost each one of us has experienced it in some form at some time or another. Hence, it is better to take all the precautionary measures that can prevent the occasional ache in the back from becoming a continuous troublesome problem. It takes a lot of effort dealing with back pain the natural ways but it is also one of the most recommended method because of the huge side effects that accompany any long term medication; given the nature of back pain problems, the medication is sure to be a long term procedure as back pain have a history of repeated recurrence.


There are innumerable causes of back pain. We shall deal with each of them in detail. To begin with, we shall start with the medical causes of this ailment.

1. ARTHRITIS: It refers to the inflammation of joints. Arthritis when related to back pain refers to arthritis in the back. The condition could badly worsen during night time or while walking. It is generally an acute condition characterized by severe pain and discomfort in the lower back. There are various different types of arthritis that form the causes of back pain. Some of them are as follows.

- RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:This is one form of arthritis whose causes are still unknown. Some reports claim the cause to be a virus while others believe that it might be caused because of some defect in the immune system of the body. Although, the mysterious cause, one thing is for certain that rheumatoid arthritis leads to crippling pain in joints and backs. The pain intensity could be severely crushing and at times be totally unbearable as there are chances that the joints get inflamed, they tend to thicken and in some extreme cases may also be severely damaged. The main problem with rheumatoid arthritis is the fact that the disease tends to appear at intermittent intervals as the pain may entirely vanish in between and just when you let down your guards they might reappear with added severity. Hence, if you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis before, pay attention to your body’s needs.

- OSTEOARTHRITIS:This is another painful cause that is generally characterized with ageing discomfort. Here the cartilages between the bones get thinner with time and tend to wear out. The body tends to wear out with age and cause severe discomfort in various parts of the body apart from the back which is generally affected the most. This type of arthritis is more common in women as compared to men. It generally starts with wearing out of one joint but if left unattended spreads to a lot of joints in short time. The problem with diagnosing osteoarthritis is the fact that it tends to be associated with old age and can sometime be hard to identify as the symptoms of senescence are very similar.

- FIBROMYALGIA:It is also known as fibromyositis or fibrositis. It is characterized by sharp acute spasm and pain in the back and also in the facial muscles. Irritable bowel movements, sleep disturbances, migraine pain. Cognitive difficulties, numbness in a region are some other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Although, a very painful condition yet the swelling and deforming of joints is generally not observed in patients suffering from fibromyalgia only. In conjunction with other painful arthritic forms, however, the disease may turn out to be lethal.

- ANKYLOSING SPONDILYTIS: It is a form of back pain that usually begins as a mild discomfort in the lower back and abdomen that is experienced on and off. The pain is generally not intense and do not spread to entire parts. However, very soon the disease firms its grip as in a matter of few weeks or months, spondilytis spreads its roots and worsens your lower abdomen and back as the pain can persist day in and day out. The pain sprouts even while sitting and relaxing as it adds to your discomfort almost all the time. It is generally accompanied initially with inflammation of eyes as well. It is one of the leading causes of back pain these days.

Hence, these are some form of arthritis that form a part of one of the major causes of back pain and hence it pays to know more about them as it can then help you stay away from them and prevent a “bad back”.

2. OBESITY: This is another main reason of back pain. The main cause of obesity itself is a bad diet. However, it may be genetic as well. This is a broad topic and hence has been dealt separately later in this book.

3. LUMBAR MUSCLE STRAIN: These refer to straining of muscles under pressure. It generally leads to very acute and sharp pain and may even render you immobile for sometime. However, the good point with muscular strain is the fact that these strained muscles, although very painful, do not last for a long time and generally get cured in a time span of two to four weeks. Although curable, yet the severity of pain when the spasm hits is absolutely unbearable. Muscle strain generally results due to negligence in the daily behavior.

4. SPINAL STENOSIS:Like osteoarthritis, this pain is characterized with old age. Its symptoms are similar to senescence. This condition is mainly caused as the spinal cord tends to become constricted with age. If the spinal cord gets too tight, and there seems to be an absence of the required free space, acute backache is observed. This condition is also very painful, but as mentioned before it generally sets in only after old age.

5. RUPTURED DISC:In the spinal cord, between every two vertebra, there is a soft cushion between them to avoid any friction between the movements of two adjacent spines. The cushion in between facilitates smooth slipping and easing in and out. In a ruptured disc, the cushion loses its elasticity and becomes much vulnerable to injury. The cushion disc on rupturing tends to move outside its designated area and hence the spines tend to crush each other. This condition is extremely painful as the pain shoots from the ruptured disc region and covers the whole of the spine leaving the entire body plagued with intense pain and suffering.

6. IMPROPER SITTIING POSTURE: Getting the right posture is mandatory for a perfect spine. Many people who complain of spinal problems follow a wrong sitting posture. Not just sitting posture, even a wrong sleeping posture can go a long way in the making of a “troubled back”. There are various different sitting postures that one must adhere to ensure that you back rest when you are resting too. If one’s back is given the right amount of rest and care, then one can expect to ward off the acute pain which might otherwise be a part of your daily life.

7. INJURY: This is one cause which is unavoidable and unforeseen. Sometimes, some accidents leave a long term effect on the back; crippling the spinal cord or other problems. The severity of back pain depends on the impact of the accident as it varies with the area most affected with the accident. One way of coping with it is to drive carefully and avoid accidents in first place but even then if it does so happen, getting the right diagnosis and attending to the injured parts is a must. No negligence is permitted at any cost.


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Back Pain And Its Natural Solutions
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