Automatic Spillway Gates Controlling. Real Time Monitoring Using Radio Frequency

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The main objective of this Research project is to build such a prototype system which can control and monitor the flow of water from water reservoir. This new system uses microcontroller as a central part to sense the water through a NAND gate Integrated Circuit and inform the microcontroller. On the basis of gathered results the controller will open the solenoid valve and also will send the information to the main unit. On the main unit side this information will be displayed on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Where for real time monitoring a wireless camera is used which sends the real time video to the receiver side through RF (Radio Frequency) module.


RF Transceiver, Spillway, Dam, Solenoid Valve


The earlier problem occur in water reservoir is the flow control of water from the reservoir [1][2], but with the passage of time this problem is solved up to some extend by putting the gates from where the water level is controlled [3]. So that at the Peak hours [4], more of the Units [5] are turned ON to generate more electric power. To control the flow of water according to the need, I have proposed a system called spillway gates controlling and real time monitoring of Water reservoir.

According to the model suggested, the system have the solenoid valves instead of gates which have four level i.e. low level, medium level, high level and level 4 (super high level). And on every water head level there is a sensor which when reached by water level operates the respective solenoid valve [6].

In the low level only one solenoid valve will be opened which means less electricity & less Units are operated (because of the low head), in medium level only two valve will be opened which means comparatively higher power or addition of more Units in the System, and So on, until and unless the super high or dangerous level is reached, where all the four solenoid valves would start to operate to spill out the excessive water, so to save the dam.

The main objectives of this model is to automatically control the water head of the water reservoir. Where all the information related to the gates and water flow will be sent to the main unit (control room) by using RF module & wireless camera, which will transmit real time video of the subjective area. On the receiving side this information will be displayed on the LCD for the monitoring purposes.

The scope of this research project includes using an assembly to program the microcontroller, build hardware for the system, and interface the hardware to microcontroller, interfacing the controller with RF modules, interfacing different kinds of solenoid valve, using wireless cameras for live video transmission and different electronics components etc. [7][8][9][10][11].


Block Diagram

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Figure.1 Block Diagram of the Prototype

Before implementing this circuit we should make the block diagram for the sake of simplicity, so that later on it is easy to implement the circuit. Here we will use solenoid valve for controlling the flow of water from the water reservoir, the solenoid valve will control the water on the basis of gathered result from the CD4011 (water level monitoring I.C). solenoid valve will be controlled through relays, where relay will be drive through relay driver IC.As discuss earlier that RF is used in this project for sending the code to the receiver side. On the basis of receiving code main unit display the result on LCD (about the level of water.), where for real time monitoring, we have wireless camera which will be displayed on the video on PC or LCD.

Circuit Diagram

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Figure.2 (a) Receiving Side Circuit

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Figure.2 (b) Transmitting Side Circuit

Before implementing the hardware, circuit diagram should be made so that it is easy to implement the hardware and in case of any error it should be removed easily.

A circuit diagram shows the connection between all the components and interfaces with controller. Starting from the regulator, this is used to provide a smooth 5V DC voltage, which is used to operate microcontroller, decoder, relay driver, relays, NAND gate camera, LCD, solenoid valve, RF module etc.

On the transmitter side we have regulator, controller, RF transmitter, ULN2003, solenoid valve, relays, nand gate camera etc. nand gate measure the level of water, where controller control the solenoid vale through relay, as controller doesn’t have the enough power to drive the relay so relay driver IC is used to operate the relay. Where for real time monitoring, a wireless camera will be used. The video can be viewed on LCD, or T.V.

On the receiving side Input of decoder is interfaced with RF where output of decoder is interfaced with microcontroller. Microcontroller is further interfaced with LCD, which is used to display the level of water. The pin 10 of controller is used to receive the data. Where the interfacing of components with each other is given in the circuit diagram.


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