The Noble Role of Space Journalism in Global History

Essay, 2015

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Abstract or Introduction

The media is a powerful tool for distribution of information. As the mouth piece of society, the fourth estate is responsible for ensuring that the audience is kept abreast of happenings in the society. This has enabled the media to possess the power of agenda setting across the globe, dictating the nature of developments in the society. Usually, the media dictates the development of ideas and innovations by highlighting the benefits of such developments. To this end, the media can be applauded for its beneficence to the society, in not only conveying messages to geographically dispersed audience but also prompting action and intervention through opinion formation and reinforcement of issues that need these. Space technology is one aspect of human development that has benefited immensely from media focus in Science and technology. Having emerged just in the 1950s, media coverage and analysis led to many countries considering implementing this technology. While the development of space science might have been encouraged by global hegemonic and war strategies, the media played a bigger role in creating awareness about the technology.
From time immemorial, journalism has been cited as one of the sources of inspiration in the societies. The inspirations come from the fact that journalists help drive specific agendas in the society. Technology-wise, the inspirations of the media can be seen from the manner in which they have taken advantage of wars and made reports and analysis that prompted the adoption of certain war technologies into civil use. After the First World War, the advent of industrialization ushered countries to a new approach of winning economic competence. The civilized European powers and United States of America engaged on economic propulsion and scientific discoveries, which led to development of mass destruction weapons and fast warships as each country funded weaponry manufacturers and scientists. While there are many technological development that have emerged from war and which have been adopted for civil use, space technology stand out as one of the post-second war technologies that has been shaped through journalism.


The Noble Role of Space Journalism in Global History
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