International Sales Strategy. Maketing, Sales and Distribution

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1 Introduction

2 General description of Strategies and Sales
2.1 Definition of Sales process
Distribution channels
The significance of distribution channels
2.2 Definition of Strategies

3 Marketing Environment
3.1 Domestic and International Marketing
Domestic Marketing
International Marketing
3.2 The relationship between Sales and Marketing

4 International Sales Strategy
4.1 The International Sales Strategy by taking the example of Toyota
4.2 Conclusion and Summary

5 List of literature

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Depiction 1: Key process

Depiction 2: Customer satisfaction


What is an international sales strategy? What about the current situation?

How can I define a strategy? How do marketing and sales interact? How can a company define a sales process? What about the competition? Which tools can be used in order to optimize sales? The goal is to get an answer about all these questions. Also we should create an idea how we can companies keeping ahead of equal competitors.

1 Introduction

International Strategies and Sale are obviously two different functions in a company despite they must interact closely with each other. Exporting probably crates new markets, more sales, higher turnover and attracts new customers. That will only realize with a clear strategy. It is a fact that the global competition will increase. The European companies have to extend their international activities to stay on top in the competition with USA and Japan. The USA for example tries to get some market share in the European region and the new up coming developing Countries like the BRIC-States. Today no companies can win if its product and service resembles every other products and service of a company. Companies’ products must represent a big idea in the mind of the target market.

2 General description of Strategies and Sales

2.1 Definition of Sales process

A sale is an act of selling product or service in return of money. In simple terms a sale process is a systematic approach and identification of likely customers. No matter what are a company tries to sale, mostly every sale follow the same step-by-step instruction. First, the product knowledge the Salesperson should be well informed about the product especial if it’s a technical one. That will make it easily to get caught up in a dialog with a probably customer to explain all the great feature they product have. Second, prospecting is about searching new customers. The Sales department should create a customer profile, which will help to develop the appropriate marketing strategy and tactics. Third, the customers approach what is crucial for successful selling. It will tell you what your customer thinking about the products and your company. But to most import thing is to make use from these information’s. Fourth, the presentation every product should be well presented especial if it’s a high tech product. The last core process is close the sale after your presentation and answered all customer questions; it’s now time to close the sale process. In order to succeed in sales you need to master each one of these steps. If you're weak in one or more areas, you might survive as a salesperson or company but you won't prosperity. (Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 2012a)

Distribution channels

A channel of distribution is the path that a product takes from producer to consumer. Nowadays distribution channels exists in varying length. A direct channel of distribution is the shortest and simplest form of distribution channel, it has become increasingly common since the advent of the Internet. Direkt distribution channel descriebes the selling act without the help of a distributor. Internet selling is one example of direct distrubution it actually describes the business to customer relation by using virtuell describition of the product like text, email or symbols.

In a indirect distrubution channel (traditional) there are as general distributors between the company and customers. A indirekt distribution channel describes no direct relation between company and customers a product will only sold in retail stores or wholesaler.

The significance of distribution channels

As mentioned, above companies requires the assistance of other distributors to reach it target market. But why do companies need the help of other to distribute their products? Is it not better to sell the products by themselves for example via Internet to earn higher profit? Despite, there are companies such dell, which are successful without the assistance of distributers. Dell sells their products (computer) mostly, via the Internet, but in dell case they create their own transports ways to the costumers. By choosing a distribution strategy a company should think about what value the distributor should add like for example customer relation, transportation ways, customers assess and availability. Relationships in a channel (between the company and distributor) are more essential than ever.

2.2 Definition of Strategies

There are some definitions of strategies, but the most common quote is “Strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty” or “Strategy is important because of the resources available to achieve the goals are usually limited“ and “A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem”. I want to present two additional definitions, which are more detailed. Henry Mintzberg from McGill University defines strategy as “a pattern in a stream of decisions” (Mintzberg, California Managment Review, 1987a) but he also affirms that “The field of strategy can not afford to rely on single definition of strategy, indeed the word has long been used implicitly in different ways even if it has traditionally been defined formally in only one.” (Mintzberg, Management Science, 1978b) The second definition corresponding to Max McKeown implies that “strategy is about shaping the future” and the human attempt to get to “desirable ends with available means”. (McKeown, 2012)


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