Psychoanalysis and Rites of Passage applied on Christian Religion

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The myth tells of Saint Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland. And the biological fact is that there are no snakes in Ireland. However, the real intended meaning is the driving of the Druids out of Ireland. Druids used to associate themselves with snakes as symbols of wisdom (Tsarion 600). Until this day, the symbol of snake is taken as unconsciously-referring symbol for cure on pharmacies. The snake, moreover, has negative connotations in Christianity, and refers to intrigue, and the Bible establishes the enmity between Man and snake. Therefore, snake is the first archetypal symbol used out of its context to influence the Christian believer.

The early Christians used to wear fish as a referent to them being Christians before the announcement of Christianity as the main religion in Rome(Gest 78).However, when the Roman Emperor Constantine – who was a worshipper of sun – converted to Christianity, he announce the cross to be the symbol of Christianity. The cross was used because it appealed to the Christians, and had some connotations related to the sun and astronomy. The evidence for this argument are abundant; the Celtic cross is older than Christianity. There is also a hieroglyphic symbol like a cross referring to Egypt. (Tsarion 611).In other words, it is a multifunctional symbol, bearing many connotations. Some historians argue that it was a navigation tool, too. "In fact, the Celtic cross represents Patrick’s vision for unity between the two faiths. The Celtic sun surrounds the Christian symbol of the cross"(McKenna 140).

The bell, historically, was used in the temples related to Baal. Notice the similarity between the words; bell and Baal. Thus, bells were related to a period before Christianity, and some argue that bells were used as a warning object.

In the same line, you might have seen a drawing of Christ or Mary or both and sometimes the three divinities in the same picture, with sun shining in the background. This background also has its background in Solar worshipping people before Christianity. The three Trinity in themselves descend from the previous belief of the number three being lucky, from one hand, and the figures also have their historical background. The Trinity can be seen in the triangle, the Pyramids and the British logo; two lions and a crown between the two lions. The two lions symbolize animalistic potency in the crown's owner, who is supposedly has to take the Heavenly Thrown and redeem the world from the present God's cruelty (Tsarion). Additional evidence of Freemasonic influence upon Christian world is the thirteen stars found on the American logo. Number thirteen is the number of Aton, the sun god during the reign of Akhenaton. (Tsarion 1000).

Another influence is in the architecture used in building churches. Many churches were built by using the phi value; which equals 1.6 or 0,625. This number can be found in the human body: it is the value of dividing the length of the whole hand upon the length of the distance from the elbow to the end of fingers. Freemasonry regards this number as having special power, and is related to the secrets of Geometry used during the creation of the world. Another thing used in building churches and is not of Christian culture is the intersected circles. Freemasonry considers Geometry in general and intersected circles in particular as one of the three keys needed to achieve their last aim.

Many myths in the world were altered to suit the Christian morals. An example of this can be found in Ireland; where one can find that there was a goddess named Bridget. But when Christianity arrived, the nuns – who wrote the oral culture, modified the figure to become a saint. Another example is that in Ireland there was nothing called Devil. But when Christianity arrived, it created the figure by demonizing most of the gods. Saint Patrick was referred to as a goats herd. And the devil was pictured as a male goat. By this way, the Irish symbolized the control of Christianity over the Irish id. Moreover, there were many triple-functioning goddesses before Christianity to label them being important. From this theme, the Trinity might have descended.

The statue of Christ being crucified upon a tree has its connotations. The old world believed in the existence of the tree of wisdom which linked the three worlds. And a man being crucified upon this tree, is an inadvertent testimony of his the same line, trees were sacred in themselves, and churches suffered in the very start from the worshipping of trees and abandonment of churches. Even today, some Irish people still go and offer coins to some trees. Some argue that trees were dying because of piling thousands of metal coins upon their roots.

Many Christian people in the world celebrate in the first day of each year. However, the real birth date of Christ is not this date, but modified in order to be identical to the previous celebration of the victory of light upon evil. The evidence is that in this day, the hours of the day start to increase on the account of dark hours.


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