User Preference Based Environment Provisioning in Cloud

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Abstract : To deploy an application, a single cloud service is not enough. Different cloud services are available, but users should provide compositions and configurations, to deliver their solutions. But identifying, analyzing the compatibility, selecting and application deployment of the above, is a complex process. It is difficult for the users to find the compatible composition for their requirement. Main Challenge is to create a self configuring application framework which will deploy the application automatically.The selection of this composition is a challenging task and also ranking system is not available to compare and choose, selecting the server type and also software solution for their deployment. Therefore we suggests Cloud service composition for naïve users based on their preferences Thus users need not be forced to assign exact weights for their preferences.

The main aim of this project is check the compatibility of the Web Application with the Cloud Service composition and to build a Virtual Machine (Instance) for Deployment and various Preferences of Users (User Input).

- User with less technical knowledge can handle the cloud server and deploy their application on cloud.

- Cost will be considered as important component to configure the server on cloud.

Keywords : Environment provisioning, IAAS, Cloud, Pay as you use, Technical challenges, Application deployment on cloud environemnt.


Cloud Computing is defined as any service like server, storage, database, software, product hosted on Internet. so that everyone can use these services with Internet connection and so that there will not be any location constrains. Instead of investing more on computing infrastructures, companies started to consume computing as service.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

- Elasticity: Auto scaling is biggest benefit since we can scale up and scale down the computing services when ever required. Companies can configure the environment as per their requirement. - Pay per use: User will pay only for the services they use, by which we can reduce the cost spend on infrastructures.

Application deployment in cloud has been increasing nowadays since the user need not concentrate much on the infrastructure needed for the application deployment. For they can setup their infrastructure in cloud and pay based on demand. This makes cloud services indispensable and reduces the infrastructure management effort. The management effort includes hardware upgrade, patching, maintenance.

Cloud computing is classified as private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Type of cloud can be choosed as per the requirment. Private cloud is creating a cloud environment or service for internal user in an organization. Public cloud is using the cloud environment over internet by using third party cloud services. Hybrid cloud include both Public and private cloud service.

Cloud computing are classified to below categories as per their service: Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and software as a service.

Cloud services are being used in all the business because of its various offerings provided by its vendors. Cloud services includes servers, data center, database, shared storage, email sevices, queue service, sms services and so on. Because of its wide range of service it grabbed wide range of business in various fields like banking, insurance, commercial, social, media, research fields. Biggest advantage of cloud computing is we can use services from anywhere with good internet connection, pay for what we use, services are provided and managed by vendors we can customize and use as per our business requirement.


Cloud services includes virtual machine and application which works in compatible with each other. Cloud computing is getting fame day by day but it also a make it tough for non-expert users with less knowledge on to deploy their services faultlessly.[6] When it comes to IAAS it involves lot of architectural, configuration and security details to be selected for launching a server in cloud environment. Which makes it a big challenge for users to prefer cloud services. Adavntage of cloud services is cost and it might become a disadvantage when it is not utilized properly.[1] illustrated the provisioning of virtual machines based on the user requested time and cost and also autoscaling of the same based on the utilization of the provisioned instances. [1] have presented a coordinated dynamic resource provisioning and scheduling approach that is able to maximize number of application execution within their deadlines and budget. [3] new method of allocating resource with minimum wastage and providing maximum profit in resource allocation model, users send service request or task to be executed on cloud environment.[9] analysed and provided an abstract on the problem related to resource allocation. performs massively parallel search to find a solution that meets all the specified objectives.[2] provides details on configuring virtual machines with all the composition details on private cloud environment. [11] analyzed various resource provisioning techniques identified and the merits and demerits of the same. One of the techniques they have suggested is “Dynamic provisioning in multi-tenant service”. Here Adaptive power-aware virtual machine provisioner is used for provisioning dynamically from the resource pool.[4] selection of the resourses plays main role in environment provisioning the resourses are key for application deployment. From the list of available resourses priority based and preference based algorithm will select the resourses for environment provisioning in cloud. Next step will be to deploy the appplication automatically on the server selected [20]. Select the right image from the list based on the user input and then application will be deployed on the server and then user willl be able to access their application on the cloud environment.


The essential thought behind the proposed framework is to use the cloud service more cost effeciently and also let non technical user to use the cloud environment. Deploying a web application in cloud is a complex task for the naïve user.Using this application user can build their own instance based on their requirements. Web applications dependencies are available, the only thing is user has to select their web application dependencies based on his/her preferences. Since cloud service is upcoming field in market we are able to see less techincal support available in market, this kind of framework will let the business choose cloud option with out much fear on support on technology to deploy the application on cloud. we suggest a solution which will simplify using cloud service for the users, based on their preferences like RAM, Storage, time within the Project cost.

Users can create a cloud environment for the cost they specify instead of going for paying for the infrastructure they provide. Which will largely reduce the cost and also fear of the users to go for cloud infrastructure. Biggest Challenge in creating a framework for application deployment is to create a self configuring environment and deploy the application on it.Selection of this composition is a complex task and also we suggest ranking system to priorties the best option available.


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User Preference Based Environment Provisioning in Cloud
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Environment provisioning, IAAS, Cloud, Pay as you use, Technical challenges, Application deployment on cloud environemnt.
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