Conceptualism of Science and Journalism

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Concepts of Science and Journalism

Contributions of Science and Journalism to the Society

Communication Theory by Arthur C. Clark

Effects of the theory on science and media practice



The critical and analytical view on theories that are founded based on Science and Journalism are referred to as the Conceptualism process. Technology in the current world has proven a variety of concepts that can be used in various fields such as journalism and science. This paper will critically analyze the concepts of science and journalism, relationship, contributions to the society. It will evaluate on the communication theory by Arthur C. Clark, Effects of the theory on science and media practice. The study will take a critical look at how science and journalism serves as catalysts for globalization or technological revolution. It will finally discuss future prospects of journalism and science as well as the way forward for better collaboration for the good of the society.

Concepts of Science and Journalism

The society looks up to trends that will help the surrounding be updated with various issues. The most common being technology that frequently creates awareness for sectors that wish to engage in serious innovation of various issues. Scientific creativity has helped in the maintenance and updates on the critical technological situation. Journalism aspect of viewing this would shed light, especially when analyzing issues that have to cover theoretical aspects of the two fields. The connection between the two vital aspects create a variety of activities that can be implemented and impact various organizations particularly on globalization.

There were certain inventions that involved science and journalism, which were aspects, especially from the ancient ages that still support the conceptualism process in these fields. The production effect of printing press involved the two aspects which lasted for approximately two years and enabled the emergence of various resources used in these departments. The first piece of work from the printing press was the Bible. This opened doors to other works such as the pamphlets that were used in the political rallies and activities, some fliers that were necessary for the services in churches and other activities which included the use of pornographic materials.

The innovation continued through to the introduction of the magazine used in London and the printings involving newspapers mostly done from an individual point of view and for their own purpose. The society acquired more knowledge through printings of such information as they enlightened people on various issues that were important and would be of help to them. Thompson (2013) found out that individual mainly participated in the informal printings of fiction stories and other pieces of work from different newsrooms combined. The development was gradual and journal printings in a scientific manner were implemented for the first time in English to help people realize the abilities and skills they had in various areas. This promoted the language awareness and the usage of the journals became popular over the years.

For several years, the concept of science had its communication displayed on books and the natural articles that people would read. Individuals spent most of their time collecting information and data to comply into a long term effect that is useful especially for the future generation. The approval of this information was at the meetings where specialists in various departments would acknowledge the works of the artists and publishers. The response determined the pieces of works by other writers upon approval. This period was essential for research collection and other statistics so that the data finally compiled is accurate. The publisher also influenced the works of various philosophers who continued to work using the scientific journals among others that helped in determining the actual information to display to the public. This collaboration ensured accuracy when handing over the subjected reports to the public and their satisfaction was noted.

The communication in the form of physical negotiations advanced in the world of printing that marked a mover in the technological sector and scientific innovation in the journalistic work. Both communications in journalism and science appeared in the form of ink used on the writing pad. This was similar to the current blogging methods used to communicate. Individuals who found it necessary to pass information to others used methods such as fliers and pieces of work on books which were already printed. The essential part to recognize this understanding of communication and science is that it is based on one platform of understanding and can be done by anyone for as long as there is knowledge and ideological moves to step up. The importance of individual letters and other personal effects such as diaries were communicated to the public forum in a systematic way to create a mutual understanding between the public and individuals. A similar understanding in the modern way would relate to the use of tweeters and Facebook accounts as a means of communication.

The official note to determine a personal work was not in existence and this was a challenge in the world of communication and science. There was no effective move on the implementation of seals to help protect personal and approval that they are involved in that specific work. Communication has thus advanced and the challenging aspect being trust issues that need to be achieved through such critical steps. The scientific field that categorized in the piece of literature was mostly the narratives. This involved interesting issues such as the stories of snake biting among other exciting narratives.

Contributions of Science and Journalism to the Society

The backbone of different innovations and inventions is advanced technological aspects that ensure updated current affairs are effective. The society requires three essential needs for it to be complete. This would include a well stabilized security personnel and equipment, an economy’s growth that is sufficient for the citizens and proper education skills to help in various aspects of the industry. These needs are met through the invention of scientific machines that fasten the growth. It is a critical intervention to evaluate the categories in different aspects and how effective scientific innovation has been to them and as such contributing to the societal growth. The rights of citizens are to be preserved through such areas which are effective (Brumfiel, 2009).

The Health sector is a critical department that requires interventions on the way to improve its services and management. Technology is formalized in a scientific way through the production of hi-tech machines to help in the prevention and treatment of various infections in most cases chronic. This has improved over the years and helped with the understanding of ways to effectively create awareness on such infections. The media plays a major role in ensuring proper communication through the organization of campaigns and other events to help with the sensitization of knowledge of the infectious diseases. The media has helped in the advertisement of upcoming health events through their posting on billboards and creation of posters. This increases higher chances of the public having the ideological steps on how to face the current situations, especially on an outbreak. Scientific effects promote a better platform to help in the digitalized graphical printings which are highly visualized and help people to see clearly the information presented in the postings (Littlejohn, 2010).

The advantages of science in individuals have grown for several years promoting an enhanced humanity that help people live in a comfortable way. The environmental changes have helped people by creating a serene environment through planting of trees in an artificial way to attract various departments such as tourism. The society is much comfortable in an atmosphere where breathing system is clean and sufficient. The same time, effects on scientific revolution have been negative in an industrialized manner due to the ways used for proper manufacturing of materials by the use of carbon monoxide among other materials (Peters et al, 2008). The situation has caused disadvantages in polluting the environment, and people have inhaled, such chemicals, which are unhealthy. The media contributes a lot by ensuring every event as such is documented for specific individuals to be aware of the long term effects. The liver cancer, among other chronic diseases is as a result of industrialization in the scientific technology.

Methods of privatization in the current world impacts science practices in various states all over the world. The main intention of this strategy is to improve the region and face of the public that will help in the economic growth of a country. The implications on a social level are a priority that needs to be addressed through various issues such as commercial interventions on the enterprise world (Grunig, 2013). The underground plans to help with the improvements of this sector are effective, especially for the environmental causes and benefits. People have created and ventured in businesses and investments through technological trends and scientific equipment have been a pillar for the progression of such projects. Industrialization is a scientific influence and the machines used are reliable and faster improving the working conditions of the firms.

Journalism has promoted the literacy in the world of realization of writing capabilities through media platform. The scientific development of such trends enhances the literacy into a greater level, which will impact the knowledge of individuals and help them focus on other issues that will benefit their well being and the wisdom they already contain. The bloggers and other social media personnel help with information giving to the public through using articles and journals to promote a wider range of understanding between the two parties. According to Lindlof (2010), the awareness to promote and influence the society to have an organization of structural methods to its effects is important especially on the subject discussion during blogging. For the number of millions of people using the internet, blogging has created awareness on the need to be trendy in terms of identifying business opportunities and investing in oneself through such cases. This helps in the growth of the society and influence the rate of inflation as it drops by day. The only challenge is in independent forum of journalist which is not guaranteed of licensing and this can dismantle the career line of a person.


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