Critical Evaluation of the Theory of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Term Paper, 2014

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Abstract or Introduction

Emotional Intelligence is a relatively new model that is as popular as it is controversial. This paper gives a short overview over the different definitions, models and measurements with supporting as well as critical opinions. Hereafter, the usage of the concept in the leadership theory is explained. The essay then continues to appraise the practical application of Emotional Intelligence. It concludes by pointing out, that Emotional Intelligence is a concept with a lot of potential. However, it is still only very vaguely defined which makes it difficult to use in an academic way and shows the need for more well crafted research to lift the concept from the popular scientific level to scientific and academic credibility.

In the last 25 years, the widely popular concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) arose and underwent a lot of development. In the first place, the theory implied, that emotions are not so much a distraction of the intelligent mind (Young, 1943), but help “on the process […], that is, the recognitions und use of one’s own and others emotional states to solve problems and regulate behaviour”.
Furthermore, the right awareness and usage of emotions, as they are described in the theory of EI, are supposed to be a key attribute especially in the development of leadership skills. Thus, EI is supposed to be the indicator to differentiate a decent or sufficing leader from an excellent one. However, there is still a vivid debate regarding the two different models of EI, which vary in their definitions, dimensions and ways of measuring. Furthermore, Emotional Intelligence is a very controversial theory in terms of its significance as well as the validity of its measurements.


Critical Evaluation of the Theory of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
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Title: Critical Evaluation of the Theory of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

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