Discussion on the ethical impact of the internet on information privacy

Essay, 2015

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List of contents

1 Introduction

2 Literature Review

3 Importance of Internet
3.1 Importance to Society
3.2 Importance to Economy and Business
3.3 Importance to Media and Information Sharing

4 Internet Privacy

5 Internet Ethics
5.1 Importance of Internet Ethics
5.2 Information Safety Assurance
5.3 Impact of Internet Ethics on Privacy

6 Implications to Internet Information Insecurity

7 Challenges to Upholding Internet Privacy

8 Recommendations

9 Conclusion


1 Introduction

It is amazing at the rate the internet has roamed our lives. The revolution into our lives has involved advancement in the computer and communications sector. This came with the invention of the radio, telephone and the telegraph. With these advancements there was integration of this compatible capability known as the internet. This is worldwide network coverage with a capability to harness the dissemination of information. It has also facilitated a medium of integrated interactions for computer device users and individuals everywhere in the globe irrespective of the time of access. This experience presents a significant milestone in the sustainable endeavor and commitment to research, production and development. Development in the information sector has been a successful story all through the years since the very fast inventions of electricity. Much effort has also been drawn to the development of this ever dynamic field.

The author tries to identify and analyze the developments that have come along with these tremendous inventions. Much has been focused on the global connectivity by the author targeting the developments in internet use and the consequential impact to the lives of society.

The innovations and developments attached to this entity have occurred in several stages starting from the technological revolution starting with the coming of electricity and the radio. This was followed by advancements in the global approach to research ad operational infrastructure. It is also forms proportion of the social and individual component leading to formations of the famously known as ‘internauts’ which formed the integral part to communication revolution.

2 Literature Review

The internet now forms the larger proponent of network coverage all over the globe. The information infrastructure has undergone a revolutionary experience that has reached far and wide through the fields of technology and communication and through the entire society and the increased harnessed use of gadgets and equipment usually on the internet.

The very first invention came with the social interactions that have envisioned a worldwide networking and community globalization. The author pays special attention to note that in the evolutionary developments, computers were quickly integrated forming host to host protocol and other networking platforms. The internet was a visionary invention that saw some huge potential in the information sharing through the society’s entities as the military, business and the education sectors. Initially the internet was known as the ‘ARPANET’ which was formally brought online in 1969 having sample trials in several universities in the Southwestern USA (UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, UCSB) leading to other localities all world over.

Such contributions to the formation of the internet were the foundational stones to global social networking and connectivity. As the Internet evolved, one of the major challenges was how to disseminate the deviations to the software, particularly the software that will involve storage of sensitive information concerning individuals, groups, organizations, corporations, institutions and government. The author tries to look back and analyze the approach of incorporating Internet protocols into an integrated operating system for the enquiries and research into the key fundamentals in the positive and widespread adoption of the Internet and the consequential internet safety.

3 Importance of Internet

A key to the speedy progression of the Internet has been the free and sweeping access to the basic documents, social media, research, education encyclopedias and gaming amongst other applications.

3.1 Importance to Society

This invention has been the ‘next tool’ in the all to do lists of society. This entity has held significant role in the running of the livelihoods. This includes research, development, extension, business and market activities and a social capability to connectivity. Technology is the use of machine or tools that makes things that pretty hard easier to deal with. Technology in communication means the advancement in the electronics like phones and computers. Smart phones are an example of the technology advancement in place. Portable mobile devices have changed the way people live. It has helped then in business transactions and also entertainment. Young people are most inclined to adopt this technology and mot young people love texting a lot.

The older generation is the major user of voice calling services. The middle aged people use the smart phones to transact business. The smart phones and other phones in general as the use of technology has helped in strengthening family and friendship ties. The communication of text messages, calling social networks in smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers at work places has made people get closer emotionally. It is possible to know how the other person is doing without necessarily meeting face to face. We are evolving with internet. Internet has become an integral part of our today lives. Its vast advantages make almost everyone have it. Its connectivity ability makes it a part of our lives and any individual requires it. A person who is used to have connectivity, are occasionally faced with a very hard time when they do not have it.


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