Employees Survey Plan. Jollibee Food Corporation

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Employment Survey’s Concept and Values

Mechanics of Employment Survey
Survey Challenges
Survey Action Plan
Survey Quality Assurance




Employees Survey Plan


The Jollibee Food Corporation is a fast food processing company that has branches all over the world, including the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei. It was founded by Tony Tan with his family in its infant beginnings as an Ice Cream Parlor. Over time, the company has emerged as an international superior brand. As a result of well managed personnel, the corporation is a most adored employer in Asia. Good marketing and advertisement has also played a critical role in its establishment as a popular fast food restaurant ( Jollibee Foods Corporation, 2014).

Customer relations are another key player in the development of the corporation. The company’s management insists on the quick response to client feedback, acting upon client’s feedback. The said objectives have been achieved due to integrity and humility, fun and family-like experiences simplified by good communication skills and professionalism ( Jollibee Foods Corporation, 2014).

Employment Survey’s Concept and Values

Employee survey is a powerful tool of employee productivity assessment and optimization of the same. The survey explores on four key areas such as trouble within the industry, analyzing the effectiveness of certain specific programs, measuring of satisfaction and engagement in recruitment and retention of employees, and driving high performance by analyzing the employees’ perception on their working environment. When well designed and analyzed, the survey may help the management in aligning their objectives and achieving them. Successful businesses have been taking the results of an employee satisfaction survey seriously. Through such initiatives, Jollibee has been able to sustain competition with its rival industries (Burke &Cooper, 2006, pp. 9-11).

Employee surveys have faced criticism as it stirs up the employees’ grievances and may end unsolved. When the respondents are evaluated, they expect the issues they raise to be addressed. If no action is taken after the survey, they may be reluctant in carrying out a subsequent survey. However, the most globally competitive organizations have great seriousness when they carry out this type of survey. The employees play a major role in the success of a business. Employees’ attitude towards the organization is a key factor that influences directly its objectives, mission and visions. When their potential is well directed towards the affairs of the organization, development within the corporation is attained ( Earl, Lampe & Andrew, 2006, pp. 1-3).

Mechanics of Employment Survey

The survey scope, type, and nature are dependent on the type of organization, number of employees and resources allocated for this activity. The survey may be carried out as written questionnaires, online or face-to-face interviews. For the Jollibee Foods Corporation, the written questionnaire has to be prepared as the most effective due to the nature of the widespread structure of the corporation (Krysik & Finn, 2013, p. 15). Due to internet access and cost-effective nature of an online survey, questionnaires are commonly used in such a survey. Furthermore, for the effectiveness of the survey, it should be scheduled to take place when the maximum number of employees is available to increase the diversity of views.

Survey Challenges

Despite the effectiveness in the employee survey, there are several challenges identified in the administration of the survey. Major barriers to effectively survey include lack of cooperation, post-survey action plan resources, support and cooperation between the employees, execution, accountability, and prioritization. However, sensitization of the employees and the team carrying out the survey is important. The move will give them an opportunity to cooperate with the team carrying out the activity (Bowling, 2005, pp. 281-291). In addition, anonymity in the exercise protects the workers and promote honesty in their responses. This is a positive item that will help the interviewers to acquire credible information in the exercise. Time management and planning is essential in ensuring that the employees’ duties are not messed up as they take the survey.

Survey Action Plan

Researchers will be trained on their expectations and how to handle the employees to get credible results and responses. This will ensure effective communication throughout the exercise. In addition, a scheduled follow up process should be determined. It helps to increase efficiency in the entire exercise. After the survey, the employees expect their views being addressed and correction mechanisms initiated. An effective action plan should involve: sharing a summary of their views with the employees after the analysis; name the individual responsible for the action plan; set clear and specific mechanisms to be undertaken for the actions to be taken; create an effective attainable plan schedule; discuss the possible action plan with the employees; create guidelines for monitoring and evaluation process; and conduct regular follow ups for the action plans proposed.


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